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COMEDY: RUSSELL BRAND, Perth – 20 October, 2015

| 15 December 2015 | Reply

COMEDY: RUSSELL BRAND, Perth – 20 October, 2015
Perth Arena
Reviewed by Trulie Pinnegar

Russell Brand - Trew World Order

Russell Brand appears on the stage quite humbly compared to his 2013 show, following a video intro of clips focussing on his celebrity. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, however, within just a few minutes undertaking his classic move of taking a walk amongst the audience.

Of course, this was well-received, as were the number of cuddles he had to give away – though they were decidedly lacking in the double entendres and “night wife” quips we’ve heard from him in the past – his humble entrance had perhaps set a different tone for the evening.

The crowd, however, delighted in his mention once he returned to the stage, that he had made his “after show choices.”

There’s more warming up the crowd by telling a few jokes and stories using his research on Perth (which he’s written on his hand.) It pays to be topical!

Tales of how he was ‘reborn’ and no longer wanted to be part of the glitterati and celeb world are relished, as well as relayed stories of self-discovery both behind closed doors and in front of the spotlight.

One of his most endearing traits is admitting his own weaknesses and bad behaviour, and reflecting on public situations where his choices at the time were not the best, was of particular hilarity – none more so than a clip of him presenting with Dame Helen Mirren at the Oscars where he took the mickey out of his body language.

It’s not all gags and taking the piss by a long shot – one humbling story delved into his time spent with the Marine Corps. He remains self-deprecating throughout, but makes no attempt to hide how clearly inspiring it was to him.

This is Brand in a nutshell: a super-celebrity who ridicules it and his fellow A-listers, including himself. He insists his values are the same as us everyday folk, and we believe him, and relate to him – even though we’re more likely to see him on stage in front of 13000 people or presenting an Oscar to someone on the tele.

The Perth Arena didn’t utilise all the available seating for this show, but what was available was full. Maybe Russell Brand doesn’t appeal to a majority of Perth’s population, but those who spent the evening with him had no regrets and will no doubt want to do so again.

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