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| 11 December 2015 | 1 Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I am not sure what drew me to listen to the debut release from Honeymoon Disease, but I am glad I did – maybe the rock Gods knocked on my skull and told me to give it a listen.  This fuzzed out record has great riffs, catchy melodies, and an all-around cool rock vibe.  Disc opener “Higher” opens slowly and soon takes on a stoner- shoe gaze fuzzy feel to it, even while the prog-filled bass lines keep time along with the drums.  The vocals are light and catchy, building on the sound of the guitars.  “Stargazer” has a solid rock sound that starts off with a classic heavy rock sound that soon shifts gears to a more user-friendly rock sound, especially where the guitar and vocals are concerned.  “Gotta Move” instantly gets the foot tapping and the head lightly banging.  The feel of this song rips a page from the classic rock sound of the early 470’s while keeping it modern in texture.  “Breakup” is as close to a ballad as this foursome gets.  The song twists the modern retro sound that seems to be everywhere and blends in a cool rock guitar.  “Fast Love” kicks down the door and comes at you with fully-charged guitars and vocals that mix well with an up-tempo rhythm section that anchors the track, even when it feel like it might take off.  “Brand New Ending” is another punk-tinged song that builds around a simple melody and riff.  The drums and bass drive the track while the vocals steer the direction of the song.

“Imperial Mind” has guitars that are solid, light, and heavy all at the same time.  The chorus is catchy, almost anthemic.  The rhythm section leads the charge at the chorus and bridge, giving this song a great feel and tempo.  “You’re Too Late” blends the bands rock chops with a punk vibe that swirls for 2:19 and produces one of the better tracks on the disc.  The vocals on this song are fun and energetic, even when they break down slightly at the chorus and bridge, where a guitar solo drops in and takes over.  “Bellevue Groove” starts off with a tribal drum sound that soon combines with soaring guitars and a bass line that keeps the song chugging along.  The vocals are some of the best on the disc, especially with layered vocals and harmonies.  “Rock N Roll Shock” brings great riffs to the table.  The guitar sound builds from the opening, through the verse, and into the chorus and bridge.  The chorus is catchy and grabs your attention, begging to be sung by time you hit the second round.  “Keep Me Spinning” is a great bookend for the disc that is full of organ and guitar, coupled against the heavy-handed rhythm section.  When the vocals fully engage, you know you are in for one hell of a ride through the discs longest track.

​​​​​​​Tracklisting: Higher – Stargazer – Imperial Mind – Gotta Move – You’re Too Late – Breakup – Bellevue Groove – Fast Love – Rock N Roll Shock – Brand New Ending – Keep Me Spinning






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