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| 5 November 2015 | Reply


Label: Universal Music Group

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Every rocker needs to step back and take a relaxed moment every now and then.  My moment happened recently when I stumbled upon the latest release from The Tenors.  Disc opener “A New Day’s Begun” isn’t what you may expect from voices and performers like The Tenors.  The mood of the track has a great pop-like feel to it that keeps the tempo flowing, matches the well-defined textures of the quartets voices, and kicks this off in the right direction.  “Besame Mucho” is what you would expect from this track musically, with the exception of the interjected moments of instrumentation that recall visions of a Bond movie.  There are also moments of vocal flare thrown into the mix that create a cool modern take on the classic.  “I Remember You” is a great track that lends itself more to modern Top 40 than it does classical – especially at the chorus, but it fits the confines of the disc and the abilities of the four voices that comprise the groups sound.  “Who Wants To Live Forever” is a killer rendition of the Queen classic.  While there are few versions that can match the intensity of the original, this comes as close as any I have heard.  The vocals are spot on and mixed perfectly against the orchestration.  Lindsey Sterling makes a guest appearance on violin.  “Granada” is grand – grand in vocal quality, orchestral arrangement, and overall production.  It is a deviation from the other track on the disc, but it works.  “Nella Fantasia” builds on the vocal strength of other tracks, while the arrangement and orchestration have a very commercial feel to them.  “Love Will Never End” brings a classic feel and sound to the disc, with heavy vocals that deliver the lyrics with emotion and precision.  The different textures of the vocals give this track wings and help it soar.

“Lean On Me” is a departure from the more known versions, relying heavier on the vocals and less on instrumentation.  The voices come together to create a lush sound that builds the chorus into a full sound that wraps itself around the listener.  “My Fathers Son” is a beautiful track that falls along the lines of my preconceived notion of what this group and their songs would sound like.  The arrangement is full and gives the vocals room to shine alongside the orchestration that sets the mood for the song.  “Angels Calling” is another beautiful track that allows the vocals to really direct and carry the track from start to finish.  The lead vocal and piano duet during the first verse draws you in and allows you to enjoy the shift in vocals at the choruses and bridge.  This song is built for live performance.  “You Are So Beautiful” has been done by different artists from different genres over the years, but this moving version adds the vocals of Kelly Levesque to the mix and gives the track and disc a different feel.  The strength of the vocals set against the milder arrangement help this track stand out against other interpretations.  “Drowning In Love” opens with a sweet piano interlude that soon swirls with the vocals in the mix, as the song builds and you feel the crescendo hit as the chorus kicks in.  The groove of this song should get people on their feet with a dance-floor beat and vibe.  Title track “Under One Sky” wraps up the disc and nicely ties the different tracks together, with a perfect balance of vocals and musical accompaniment in the mix, as well as a great tempo that drives the track from open to close.

If you are so inclined, the deluxe edition adds three tracks and a Tenors-only version of “You Are So Beautiful.”  The inclusion of their take on the Eric Clapton ballad “Tears In Heaven” is worth the step-up.  “When Worlds Collide” is a great track that should not be considered a B-side, as this song is as good as any of the tracks on the discs standard version.

​​​​​​Tracklisting: A New Day’s Begun – Besame Mucho – Lean On Me – I Remember You – My Fathers Son – Who Wants To Live Forever – Angels Calling – Granada – You Are So Beautiful (w/ Kelly Levesque) – Nella Fantasia – Drowning In Love – Love Will Never End – Under One Sky

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks: Agnus Dei – When Worlds Collide – Tears In Heaven – You Are So Beautiful






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