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CD REVIEW: CREEM CIRCUS – Rock and/or Roll

| 17 November 2015 | 1 Reply

CD REVIEW: CREEM CIRCUS – Rock and/or Roll
Creep Records
24 April, 2015
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
8 ½ /10

Creem Circus Rock and or Roll cover

Stack-heeled and stomping, Creem Circus is the branchild of Chris DiPinto, and he delivers a rollicking set of sparkly hard rockin’ glam-infused tracks with twin lead guitars blazing.

The sense of fun on display walks the finest of lines: ‘rock n’ roll ever day – tell me that you want it and we’ll give it away’ (Rock and Roll Decree) could easily tip over into self-concious Spinal Tap-esque parody, but Pinto keeps things sincere as he channels the mighty Slade, Sweet, Thin Lizzy, Wizzard, T-Rex and Co.

Like a forty-two minute journey to the top of the British charts in the ‘70s, Rock and/or Roll is a blazing party from start to finish, boasting a simple yet pristine production and suitably Wow-ish cover art.

Teenage Rules is a glorious teen-stomp, Riff Mountain revels as it channels bands like Foghat and Grand Funk Railroad, RU w/Us? ironically couples it’s modern text-speak title with a bouncy T-Rex-inspired bubblegum rocker. White Lightning pulsates with a Thin Lizzy groove, whilst Sister Transistor is a summation of all that has come before: a distillation, so to speak, of all these groovy influences.

Finally, Kensington Rollers is a good track with one of the best choruses ever: a complete arena stomper that defies any attempt not to sing and clap along, arms aloft.

Creem Circus live up to – no, make that SURPASS – their own hype to be ‘21st Century Glam’ and ‘your favourite band’s favourite band’, and like all the bands mentioned above, they have crafted an album which revels in its simplistic awesomeness and achieves its number one goal: to get the listener up and grooving, singing, shaking and stomping.

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  1. KISSfreakz says:

    Awesome band, cool review. Everyone should have a listen and hopefully we can get them to Australia.

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