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BOOK REVIEW: Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

| 20 November 2015 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

September 2015
Paperback, $27.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Graphic Novel / Middle Grade


Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson’s new graphic novel tells a wonderfully imaginative sci-fi story that inhabits a cleverly written universe full of space whales with diarrhoea, chicken scientists, a pretentious class system and the obligatory corporate/political conspiracy.

Led by heroine Violet Marloche – who only wants to save her beloved Dad, a kind of space lumberjack who harvests space whale poop for energy, after he is sent on a suicide mission by his boss – a team of misfits including the crass and irritable scrapyard blob-creature Zacchaeus and ultra-sensitive chicken-dude Elliot traverse the galaxy dodging whale ‘spill’, space junk belts, and the corporate labs Lab Star to save not only Violet’s father, but also a kidnapped baby whale and ultimately, the galaxy itself.

Addictive for kids and parents alike, Space Dumplins is great fun, full of warm humour and humanity, not to mention some great artwork, loads of thrills and spills, and a genuinely riveting graphic story about looking after our environment – wherever we are.

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