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BOOK REVIEW: motivational quotes to help you be more positive by chris (simpsons artist)

| 15 November 2015 | 6 Replies

BOOK REVIEW: motivational quotes to help you be more positive by chris (simpsons artist)

November 2015
Hardcover, $29.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell



I’m sorry, but what even is this book?


The promotional material for the book says:

Are you the type of person who:

  • thinks books are quite good
  • has never held a book before and would like to try holding one for a day
  • is completely normal and just wants to look at something
  • is fed up
  • would rather be dead
  • is frightened of what tomorrow may bring
  • is curious
  • needs a bit of motivation
  • wants to feel more positive about your life

Then this is the book for you because the words and pictures inside of this book will instantly make you feel more positive about yourself even after just having a look at them for about a second or three seconds.

The sense of humour in these pages is weird:



Quote: talk to your family about how you feel they wont be angry at you forever

Hot dog: i don’t want my family to see me like this

  • he wishes he could turn back the clock
  • he has been sleeping at the bottom of the garden under a bit of wood he found at the back of the shop
  • he eats plastic bags
  • he thinks he has let his family down
  • his son thinks he is a fireman
  • he is a bag of meat





Quote: nothing says i love you more than the warm breeze of a fire burning underneath a blanket of stars

  • burn your sons clothes to keep yourself nice and warm

Dad: god i am actually a bit too warm now
Son: papa is this what dying feels like



Quote: if you want to be a baby lamb then just be a baby lamb

  • instead of eating lunch with people at his work he likes to play in the field that is next to his office with the other lambs
  • he injected lamb paste into his actual ears for a more realistic lamb effect
  • homemade lamb ears he made on his lunch break at his work
  • everyone at his work makes fun of him for wearing lamb ears but he doesnt care because he feels the most happiest when he is being a lamb and that is all that truly matters

And at times wildly inappropriate:


Quote: let your family explore your body

Son: what is this bit
Daughter: I think it is papas leg
Dad: find out who i truly am



Quote: if you feel sick just be sick if you love someone just tell them

Man: i love you
Naked pregnant woman: i love you as well dad

There are exactly five full stops throughout the whole thing, and occasional walls of rambling text:


(No, sorry, I’m not going to transcribe these pages, which boast a whopping 2 full stops between them.)

As well as countless grammatical errors, no capital letters, and no other punctuation whatsoever.

But it does come with a certain… morbid curiosity.

When you pick up this book, you will unlikely be able to put it down. With each turning of the page you will make an utterance along the lines of “WTF is that?” “That is so wrong!” or “What the hell?!” but you will inevitably turn the next page. You need to see just how bad it’s going to get.

And, after reading this book you might be so inclined to take it with you to drinks or to work so you can:

a) Shock your friends and family
b) See the look on their faces
c) Feel some kind of validation that it’s not just you who is wondering WTF.

The true value of this book is not in the content, and the only reason to read or gift this book is for awkward shock value, but I’m pretty sure that the couple of laughs I had while reading and the looks on my friends’ faces do not justify the price tag on this half hour read.


Quote: happiness is different for everyone
some people like eating ham
and some people like putting ham on their face and pretending to be a killer from a film

  • the ham gives him a powerful feeling that he can’t control

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Comments (6)

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  1. Will says:

    Clearly, you have absolutely no idea what this is all about, and possibly lack a sense of humour also. Generally, people who take the time to review things also take the time to do some research beforehand, to make sure they understand the context of what they’re reviewing.

  2. Stephanie O'Connell says:

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for your comment!

    I did actually do some research on the creator of the chris (simpsons artist) brand, and read through a lot of his online stuff, even watched a video or two. The videos are slightly less awful, but still rather awkward.

    The fact is that the “humour” in this book is very low brow and, as someone else put it, “it seems to be making horrifyingly bad almost trendy by way of in jokes.”

    I like a book that makes me think, or feel something, and yes, even books that gross me out. This one just came across as entirely awkward and completely miss matched, which meant that even the little substance it held didn’t fit well with the rest of the quotes and images.

    Obviously you’re a fan, and there are enough fans out there for the book to be published, but I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on the quality of the content. A review is one person’s opinion on a product and how well it serves its purpose. This was my opinion.

    Bad reviews sell books, too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Becca says:

    I can’t understand why you would buy what is quite obviously ‘fan book’ if you are not an existing fan of the creator and then review it. It is not as though this is a reading list book. This is like you reviewing a quantum physics theoretical book without any advanced scientific knowledge or interest in sciences. As for speaking about the grammar of the book etc, if you had properly revised the author prior to the review you would understand the demeanor of the character and see that the context is entirely appropriate and suited to it’s audience. Everything the author writes is in the same dialect so it is wrong to comment on the grammar when the style is so obviously intended. This is not a children’s homework, it is published media. We do not comment on the grammar of such English Literary influences such as John Agard (Half-caste) as the dialect is intended and well suited. He is praised and studied…

  4. Stephanie O'Connell says:

    Hi Becca,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Firstly, in order to hopefully clear some of this up, I work as a reviewer. This means that I do request titles that look interesting.
    Sometimes the publishers send those I request, sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they send me something I didn’t request at all.
    motivational quotes to help you be more positive was from the third group.

    When I took it out of the box, I said, “What on Earth is this? Why did they send me this?” And as I started to flick through I felt sure that, a) I wouldn’t read it, and b) if I did read it, I would give it 1/10. As I continued to read, however, it did grow on me, and I finished the whole thing in one sitting, which bumped it up to maybe a 2/10.

    Then I shared a couple of images with some friends online and took it to drinks with me, and the responses it generated made me bump it up further, to 3/10.

    I don’t LIKE giving negative reviews, but in order for my readers to take my recommendations seriously, and in order to maintain my reviewing integrity, I have to be honest. I also do try to provide enough information about what is within the book so that someone who MIGHT like the style is able to see that from my review, thus encouraging them to hunt a copy down.

    I’ll repeat what I said in response to the last comment: Negative reviews sell books, too.

    Secondly, I did do a fair bit of research into the chris (simpsons artist) brand before writing my review, and spoke to people who enjoyed it, too.

    I can see some of what Chris’s fans enjoy in his work, but for me a lot of it goes way too far or is just awkward, and most of the time it just tries too hard.

    I’d also like to state for the record that just because someone has a certain style, and just because that style is intentional, that doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach. We all have our own style, and good on him for getting out there and making money with his. But that doesn’t make him a god. That doesn’t mean everything he does is amazing, and it doesn’t mean that everyone has to love him. Quite frankly the number of people online who credit him with saving their lives through his cartoons is almost cult-like.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Dee says:


    You need to be able to have that type of sense of humour to appreciate this book. I agree with Becca on this one, I’m sorry. You also keep saying it’s too awkward, well that’s the whole point but you will never get or appreciate it because of your bland sense of humour.

    No one is calling him a god, nor did Becca say anything about people using it to save lives, or that everything he does is amazing. It’s pretty much a joke book but for people who understand Chris’ humour – that’s it. Disappointing they sent it to someone like you to review, though..

  6. Stephanie O'Connell says:

    Hi Dee, thanks for commenting.

    It is interesting how everyone keeps assuming that they know my sense of humour based on my not liking this one book… If only everything in life were so easy to categorise.

    At no point in my review or comments did I say that there aren’t people out there who will enjoy this sense of humour. I admitted that, despite not “getting” everything in this book, I was unable to put it down, and then had a lot of fun showing it to friends and family. In fact, my review progressed in much the same way as my own feelings did while reading the book, much the same way as I have watched people respond to it.

    It always starts with “What is this?” They put the book down or hand it to someone else, but inevitably they pick it back up and read the rest. The handful of people who I’ve shown it to have all reacted in much the same way. This would be the morbid curiosity that I mentioned in my review. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those people tracked down a copy, either for themselves or as gifts.

    Again: Negative reviews sell books, too.

    Could it be I get this book on a deeper level than some fans, but still don’t like it? Is it not possible for me to read a book where everything is technically right, but still not feel a connection? Is it not possible for me to read a book that is trying to be funny but not be moved by it? (Answer: it is.)

    I understand that it’s a humourous book, I just felt it tried too hard. Where is it written that people aren’t allowed to review humourous books? Someone else on Amazon asked, “Why would you give a one star review for something as trivial as this?” and I’d like to know why I wouldn’t. I must have missed the memo about only reviewing serious books.

    I’d just like to point out that the way in which chris’s fans seem convinced that I have no sense of humour kind’ve hints that you guys do think he’s a god. His sense of humour is the ONLY sense of humour, and if anyone doesn’t enjoy his jokes, they’re bland or stupid. Because, you’re right; this world is totally black and white, and there are no in-betweens.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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