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| 15 September 2015 | 1 Reply


Label: earMusic

Release Date: September 18, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Once again a good symphonic metal disc crosses my email and I am driven to listen over and over, absorbing the tracks.  “My Eternal Dream” opens the latest disc from Stratovarius, and it delivers the goods.  Between the breakneck speed of the drumming and the full keyboards, the song quickly builds a foundation for the rest of the disc.  The vocals are sharp and add depth to the song.  “Shine In The Dark” is a darker, heavier track that brings different sounds and textures together, but remaining true to the sound constructed on the opening song.  The vocals and guitars dance nicely across the verse.  “Lost Without A Trace” is a cool track that slows the tempo a bit, but doesn’t lose the energy or flow of the disc.  The vocals standout on this song and demonstrate the strength of an emotional delivery.  “In My Line Of Work” opens with a beautiful interlude that quickly morphs into a heavily played bottom end and great guitar pings and squeals that enhance the keyboard sound that swirls across the chorus and bridges.  “Few Are Those” is a simple track that seems to bring the best of each track to the table, especially the drumming.  The tempo and timing changes give this song adds a cool texture and different feel to the disc.

“Rise Above It” is a keyboard players dream come true.  The melody and rhythm are controlled by the intense playing, while the drumming steps up and adds a surge of energy to the track.  “Feeding The Fire” is another song that seems to be running away from you the minute it starts.  The charging sensation from the rhythm section anchors the track, even when the guitars and keyboards seem to want to soar at the chorus and bridge.  “Man In The Mirror” opens with a full vocal sound that grabs your attention and makes way for the keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums to add their own feel to the track.  The chugging riff through the chorus gets the foot tapping.  “Fire In Your Eyes” is a great ballad that gives the vocals room to run with the piano accompaniment.  The feel of this song builds when the chorus kicks in and the rest of the band joins in at the bridge and second verse.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  Disc closer “The Lost Saga” takes you on a charging journey through different sounds, tempos, and textures.  Each player adds his specialty to the track, but the drumming and keyboards standout, with the vocals also shining brightly at times on this song.

​​Tracklisting: My Eternal Dream – Shine In The Dark – Rise Above It – Lost Without A Trace – Feeding The Fire – In My Line Of Work – Man In The Mirror – Few Are Those – Fire In Your Eyes – The Lost Saga






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