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| 18 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: September 18, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some heavy metal that recalls a mixture of the past and present in metal grabs my attention and gets me to listen.  If it’s good, I will keep listening and eventually put pen to paper and get a review cranked out.  The latest from Christian Mistress is one such disc.  “Neon” kicks the disc off with a heavy riff and some great fretwork that perfectly marries a vintage rock sound with modern rock vibes.  When Christine Davis’ vocals kick in, the song takes off and builds through the verses to a big chorus and bridge.  “Stronger Than Blood” brings a cool twin guitar sound, compliments of Oscar Sparbel and Tim Diedrich, to the disc with an awesome interlude that opens the track and only gets better from there.  “Walkin’ Around” is another song that features cool guitars and different textures.  The contrasting guitar sounds on the intro add depth the song, while the bass line walks throughout the verse and adds punch.  “Ultimate Freedom” opens as a mellow track that relies on a heavy handed bass and some lighter guitar work.  Davis’ vocals add an emotionally charged feel to the song that intensifies once the band kicks in after the first verse.

“No Place” is full of great guitars and some awesome vocals, but what really grabs your attention is the killer work from the rhythm section.  Reuben Storey (drums) and Jonny Wulf (bass) anchor this track and keep the tempo charging from open to close.  “Open Road” is a charging track that seems more punk metal than heavy metal, but it actually adds to the discs diversity and keeps things interesting without detracting from the overall feel of the collection.  “Lone Wild” features a weird bass and vocals opening that sets the pace for a darker track.  When the guitars kick in, the mood is still melancholy, but not depressing by any means.  This one gives the disc a little depth and added dimension.  Disc closer and instrumental “III” is the perfect tool to get you engaged once again and prompts you to restart the disc from the beginning.  The guitars sound full and soar – especially at the bridge – while the bass and drums keep time and give the song some added muscle on the bottom end.

​​Tracklisting: Neon – Stronger Than Blood – No Place – Walkin’ Around – Open Road – Ultimate Freedom – Lone Wild – III





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