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| 9 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: September 9, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Mike Hubbard

To say that the metalcore genre is male-dominated would be an extreme understatement.  Even the rare female performers in the scene seem to be trying hard to be ‘one of the guys’.  Newcomers Blinding Sunrise is one of the rare exceptions.  Hailing from Italy and featuring clean vocalist Francesca Erredia, the band drops their debut full length, ‘The World Won’t Listen’, on September 9.

The six-piece band introduced us to their brand of music with their debut EP ‘Cold Like Winter’ in 2013.  That release gave us a hint of what was to come, but their latest release really delivers a welcomed spin on the often cookie-cutter metalcore sound.  Mattia Giuffrida provides an impressive range of screamed vocals that alone would make the band stand out.  His delivery is brutal, ranging from guttural groans to high pitched squeals, with an intensity to his mid-range that is gripping.  Then enters Erredia.  Instead of trying to match Guiffrida’s intensity with clean vocals, as is often done, she provides a soft, introspective, very feminine contrasting sound and style that helps the band stand out from the crowd.  The band has been promoting a lyric video from the disc that typifies this blend of beauty and brutality. “Sinking With My Pain”, featuring Dani Nelli from Upon This Dawning is one of the heavier tracks on ‘The World Won’t Listen’, but gives a good idea of what you can expect from the rest of the disc.

Definitely give Blinding Sunrise a listen if you’ve been into the metalcore scene for a while but are looking for something fresh.

Tracklisting: Intro – If You Don’t Live for Something, You’ll Die for Nothing – Waterfalls – Let Me Breathe – Oniria – Scream Till You Can – Sinking with My Pain – Children’s Wishes Are Men’s Regrets – Cold Black Sea – Lonely Sailors – The Longest Night – Broken Windows





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