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| 7 August 2015 | Reply

PromoImageLabel: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Symphonic metal has quite a few different sounds that all fall into the category, but Royal Hunt has made constructed a new collection of tracks that blend different styles within the eight songs that bring a new feel to the genre.  “So Right So Wrong” opens with cool instrumentation and different textures that seem odd together, but work well.  Once the vocals kick in and the guitars and keyboards swirl themselves into the mix, all seems right in the world.  The catchy chorus along with the riffs at the bridge breathes additional life into this track.  “May You Never (Walk Alone)” opens with a melancholy piano and verse that soon shift gears and bring a bombastic symphonic metal sound to the party, including a crazy tempo, compliments of the rhythm section: bassist Andreas Passmark and drummer Andreas Habo Johansson.  Keyboardist and main songwriter Andre Anderson puts hit stamp all over the charging track “A Tear In The Rain” from the first note until the last.  The charging rhythm section is supported by emotionally charged vocals from DC Cooper.  “Riches To Rags” opens with a tribal beat that keeps the song on track, even when a Celtic flavor enters the mix. The guitars from Jonas Larsen on this track add consistency to a song that seems to head in different directions at different intervals, but seem to really standout during the chorus and bridges.

“Heart On A Platter” brings a killer jazz fusion feel to the track, with cool drum fills, a thumping bass, and awesome piano/keyboards.  The songs rock vein gets a serious injection when the guitar kicks in.  The vocals bring swagger and complete the groove that runs through the verses, choruses, and bridge. This is one of the best tracks on the disc.  “Until The Day” is a mellower track that benefits from a cool symphonic arrangement that doesn’t drown out the piano interludes and vocals.  Once the song launches into full accompaniment, the song retains the mellow feel without becoming stale or soft.  The vocals soar while the keyboards anchor the track.  “Way Too Late” is a heavier track that seems to pull the different textures from the disc together, with tribal drums, solid guitar playing, searing keyboard parts, thumping bass lines, and full vocals.  The magic of this track is that while fitting within the structure of the disc, it somehow sounds different and adds depth tot eh collection.  Bonus track “How Do You Know” closes out the disc with a cool rocker that comes straight at you with a formulaic sound and feel.  The guitar pings, squeals, and riffs are some of the best on the disc, as are the thunderous drums and steady bass lines.  The keyboards and vocals complete the track with style.

Tracklisting: So Right So Wrong – May You Never (Walk Alone) – Heart On A Platter – A Tear In The Rain – Until The Day – Riches To Rags – Way Too Late – How Do You Know





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