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| 8 August 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s crazy when I dig a new disc from a new band and I learn that this is the bands 10th disc in a long 35-year long career.  The band is Praying Mantis and the disc is the about to be released Legacy.  “Fight For Your Honour” kicks the disc off and there is a heavy NWOBHM sound to the music, but that stems from their actual legacy.  The guitars are full, the rhythm section heavy, and the vocals soaring.  “The One” brings a melodic feel to the disc and it helps bridge the different sounds an textures on the disc.  John Cuijpers vocals really stand out on this track and blend well with the guitars.  “Tokyo” kicks off slowly, but is chugging at a comfortable rock pace by time the chorus arrives.  The guitars from Tino Troy and Andy Burgess fill the track with cool riffs and solos.  “All I See” kicks off with great riffs, but the drums that lead the charge, courtesy of Hans in T Zandt, give this song a backbone and back beat that is steady and stellar without becoming overdone.  The vocals sear through the verse and create a catchy chorus.  “The Runner” has a different vibe than some of the other tracks, but that might be due to a killer bottom end and bass line as provided by Chris Troy.  The vocals and guitars build a cool wall of sound.  “Fallen Angel” is a charging track that leans heavy on the rhythm section at times and the guitars at others, while letting the vocals build the verse and chorus.

“Believable” opens like a beautiful soft rock ballad, but soon we are dealt more melodic rock that seems to fit the guitars and vocals these guys put together.  The keyboards behind the chorus give this a different, yet very palatable flavor.  “Better Man” crawls along at a slower pace than most of the tracks on the disc, but the guitars build the sound up while the bass and drums anchor the tempo and groove of the song.  “Eyes Of A Child” is a keyboard heavy rocker that blends the different qualities thrown from each song and brings them together on this track.  The guitars mix well with the keyboards and vocals.  “Against The World” is a classic feeling rock track with big guitars, chugging riffs, and soaring vocals.  This song brings the spirit of the bands metal lineage together with modern rock and keeps the music relevant and fresh.  “Second Time Around” closes the disc with another track that feels as if the band was still leading the charge in the NWOBHM movement, but has other qualities that tie them to later 80’s rockers and even modern rock tracks and bands that benefited from the classic metal sound.

Tracklisting: Fight For Your Honour – The One – Believable – Tokyo – Better Man – All I See – Eyes Of A Child – The Runner – Against The World – Fallen Angel – Second Time Around





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