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| 12 August 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest from Lynch Mob once again reunites guitarist George Lynch and vocalist Oni Logan, and the disc is full of tracks that rival any other in the bands catalog.  “Automatic Fix” comes at you kicking and screaming with a killer tempo and rhythm that is buoyed by the guitars of Lynch and the vocals of Logan, while the backbone of the track is all rock and roll, blending the bands history with a mature rock vibe.  “Between The Truth And A Lie” opens with a heavy groove compliments of the rhythm section – bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer Brian Tichy.  The guitars are full and lend themselves well to the heavier vibe of the track.  “Sanctuary” is a great rocker that kicks off with great riffs and a cool tempo.  Oni’s vocals give the song that classic Lynch Mob groove and add depth to the chorus, while the guitars kick in a bit of classic Lynch sound.  “Jelly Roll” is all Lynch – the guitars drop and run from opening note to the last.  The vocals swirl into the mix and give this track a classic feel that should carry well in a live situation.  “The Hollow Queen” brings a classic feel to the disc, taking a nod from George’s past musically.  The heavy bass and soaring guitars blend well at the interludes and bridges, while tie ethereal vocals during the verse give this song an early LM texture.  “Kingdom Of Slaves” opens with a Lynch/Pilson dance that has become a staple on the multitude of tracks they have done together over the years.  Throw Oni’s vocals on top and you have a new Lynch Mob classic that will only get better with age.

“Testify” is a chugging rocker that leans heavily on the bottom end from Pilson and Tichy while giving Logan room to run vocally.  Lynch’s guitars are heavy and chunky at times, but are complimented with cool riffs and well placed solos at the bridge.  The lyrics are a bit heavy and mature, but fit the mood of the track.  “Pine Tree Avenue” is a great track that features some of the best vocals on the disc.  Logan takes the reins and runs with them while the rhythm section anchors the track with a funky groove underneath the guitars.  “Dirty Money” is one of the heavier tracks on the disc, but benefits from Tichy’s pounding drums and Pilson’s systematic thumping bass.  The vocals and lyrics give the song a mature sound while the guitars keep the song flowing.  “The Ledge” is one of the moodier tracks on the disc, but features some of the best vocals at the chorus, allowing Logan’s vocals to shine in a mellow setting.  “War” closes the disc with one of the strongest rockers of the collection.  Tichy and Pilson carry the track with a thunderous bottom end, while the vocals soar over top of the mix.  Lynch showcases his guitar work without drowning the track in solos, pings, and squeals, placing a little of each throughout the track.

Tracklisting: Automatic Fix – Between The Truth And A Lie – Testify – Sanctuary – Pine Tree Avenue – Jelly Roll – Dirty Money – The Hollow Queen – The Ledge – Kingdom Of Slaves – War





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