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| 27 August 2015 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: September 4, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Modern rock takes on a lot of different looks, sounds, and vibes.  The latest disc from Diemonds is a straight ahead rocker that is more mainstream than the cover eludes to.  Title track “Never Wanna Die” kicks off this disc with a killer sound and chunky riffs sure to please most rockers.  The deep bottom end combined with catchy vocals hooks the listener quickly.  “Hell Is Full” brings more guitars to the party and keeps the rock quotient high.  The vocals kick in and the attitude rises.  The drums and bass keep time, while the chorus gets a boost from full background vocals.  “Ain’t That Kinda Girl” starts off with a cool drum fill from Aiden Tranquada and a fun verse/chant from lead singer Priya Panda.  The chorus carries the track while the guitars and bass join the fray.  “Better Off Dead” brings a faster tempo and more aggressive lyrics full of select NSFW words to the party, but it fits within the spectrum of the rest of the disc, especially the guitar work, courtesy of C.C. Diemond and Daniel Dekay.  “Wild At Heart” has a great set of riffs that open the track, but the heavy bass line adds punch to the track as the vocals and drums swirl themselves into the mix.  The chorus is catchy and fun.

“Over It” brings a heavy bottom end full of thumping bass and pounding drums that merge with solid guitars and fun vocals.  The chorus is catchy and has a cool vibe that should go over well in a live setting.  “Secret” starts off a bit slow and melancholy, but soon finds a groove that fits the moody lyrics and vocals.  This track, while a bit slower, isn’t your typical love song or ballad – think “Janie’s Got A Gun” subject matter.  “Forever Untamed” opens with a solid riff and vibe that pull from the bands influences, while twisting in a modern sound and rhythm, keeping the song modern and very Diemonds-like.  “Meet Your Maker” starts off with one of the best riffs on the disc and the rhythm section fills in nicely, bringing a cool modern flavor to the track that ebbs and flows from verse to chorus to bridge and back again.  Disc closer “Save Your Life” has a different tempo, but brings a very 80’s metal vibe to the verse and gets the foot tapping a the head banging.  The guitars at the bridge make this song even better and give the track a very cool feel.

Tracklisting: Never Wanna Die – Hell Is Full – Over It – Ain’t That Kinda Girl – Secret – Better Off Dead – Forever Untamed – Wild At Heart – Meet Your Maker – Save Your Life






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