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| 26 June 2015 | Reply

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
5 June, 2015
By Shane Pinnegar

Sexpo Perth 2015

It wasn’t so long ago that an event like SEXPO would have been held in some sleazy basement – thankfully in these in some ways more enlightened times sex is no longer seen as the society-destroyer and corrupter of morals it once was.

Accordingly, SEXPO Perth was well attended by people of all ages (over 18, of course) – some curious for a giggle, some to point and blush, but most to see what was out there and how it could fit into their own love and sex lives.

One hell of an ice-breaker for a first date, SEXPO saw many couples roaming the many exhibitor’s stalls, looking at sex toys one moment, candy the next, strippers over here, lap dances over there, and plenty of oddities at every turn.

Fun is the name of the game at SEXPO – and in the bedroom, if you’re doing it right – and there was lots to be had, from The Shafter (a giant penis-shaped ride), The Gerbil (a ghost train styled affair), porn stars doing shows, signings and photos, VIP bars and nightclubs, and plenty of food and drink to keep the party atmosphere afloat.

You’ve heard of air guitar championships, right? Well here at SEXPO there’s the air SEX championships, and there was no shortage of souls willing to throw down their best fucking faces on stage as they mimicked doing the do.

The politics of sex got a look-in with a stand from the Australian Sex Party (overseen by a bearded nun), as well as information from Sea Shepherd Australia, topless house cleaners, and a dude who looked for all the world like Poison guitarist C C Deville who painted portraits with his cock.

There’s something for everyone at SEXPO, especially laughs and ideas to spice up your love life.

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