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CD REVIEW: My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

| 30 June 2015 | Reply

CD REVIEW: My Sleeping Karma – Moksha
Napalm Records
29 May, 2015
Review by Shayne McGowan
9 1/2 /10

My Sleeping Karma - Moksha cover

Every now and then, an album or EP by a band that you have never heard of finds its way onto your desk, and takes you by storm. Moksha has done exactly that for me. It is my current “go to” album, perfect for any mood or occasion.

Moksha is for all intents and purposes a sequel to My Sleeping Karmas last album, Soma. An epic concept album exploring eastern spirituality and aside from some chanting on the Interludes, there isn’t a vocal to be heard.

There are six main tracks on offer here, each just as hypnotic and immersive as the next. This truly is music that can take you on a journey, that at times can be quite intense, but beautiful all at once. Each track is separated from the last by a series of interludes, which are exceptional pieces of music in their own right.

The absence of lyrics means that My Sleeping Karma is using only the music to tell their story, and I think that they do an exceptional job of just that. Each main track follows a very similar formula, and I have feelings that if you were to listen to only the main tracks, they may begin to simply blend together. The five interludes do a fantastic job of breaking up the album, and allow the individual songs to shine.

A solid foundation is laid down by the rhythm section, while the guitar work brings the package together. The occasional use of piano, synths and violins really help to make the album come to life. The title track makes use of all the tools, and is easily the most epic of this collection, and a definite favourite for me.

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock music, Moksha really takes it to the next level.

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