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| 23 June 2015 | Reply


Label: Massacre Records

Release Date: June 23, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Not sure how this band slid under my radar for so long, but with their eighth release, they have finally landed and I am digging the different flavors on the disc.  Opener “Mayday!” comes charging out of the gate from the first note and keeps the power coming until the last note echoes.  The vocals have an Accept / UDO flavor, while the music is chugging rock goodness.  “Eye To Eye” eases back on the power, without losing the tempo or momentum from the opening track.  Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo lends her talent to the disc on this metal duet.  “Balls Of Steel” gives the twin guitar attack from Scott Leach and Markus Flury a place to get crazy and throw in killer solos, riffs, and hooks throughout the track.  “Gods Of Rock” is a typical heavy metal track that leans heavily on the bass from Cris Stone and the heavy heanded drums of Marcel Sardella.  The vocals add emphasis to the chugging guitar, creating a great headbanging cadence.  “Bleeding” is the most mellow of tracks on the disc and gives us our first glimpse at the voice behind the metal chops on other tracks.  Mageneny’s voice carries the track from verse to chorus and back again.  “Antidote” is a fist-pumping rocker that should get heads banging, fists in teh air, and launch a million air drummers.  The tempo and rhythm of this track perfectly matches the wall of sound created by the guitars and lead vocals.

“Paradise” kicks off slowly, but hold on to your seats, as this rocker soon gets moving and is one of the more driving tracks on the collection.  The bass and drums anchor this track and keep it from running rampant behind the killer riffs.  “Hold Your Flag” is a killer melodic rock gem that allows Steven Megeney’s lead vocals to soar and take the song into new terriroty.  While sounding at times like other rockers, his contr4ol and power help him stand out on this track.  “Take It All” opens with a cool riff and some interesting percussion time changes.  The vocals creep in and give the song depth, while lending itself to comparisons to early era Accept.  “Rock Of Life” picks up the energy and tempo without becoming an overpowered rocker.  The songs basic guitars and rhythm section during the verse create a strong foundation for the track.  Title track “LifeRider” comes blasting through the speakers like a late 1980’s hair metal gem with a heavier edge, compliments of the vocals that kick in after the intro.  Disc closer “Memory Run” slows everything down giving the disc a mellower track to complete the collection.  Stefan Kaufmann (ex-Accept, ex-U.D.O.) lends his six-string talents on acoustic guitar.  If you can put your hands on the digipak version of the disc, you are treated to three additional tracks: “Sacred Heart,” “Sign Of The Southern Cross,” and “Not Like You.”  If you have the opportunity, I recommend it as these tracks add depth, especially the last of the three tracks.

Tracklisting: Mayday! – Eye To Eye – Paradise – Balls Of Steel – Hold Your Flag – Gods Of Rock – Take It All – Bleeding – Rock Of Life – Antidote – LifeRider – Memory Run – Digipak Bonus Tracks: Sacred Heart – Sign Of The Southern Cross – Not Like You





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