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| 27 May 2015 | Reply


“Don’t make it serious, we just want to take the piss out of ourselves” was the only brief that Hailmary gave to LFD Collective’s Kiran Wilson in collaborating on Hailmary’s brand new music video for “My Song” which plays out like a modern day action movie.


“My Song” is the 5th track from the Perth based hard rock juggernaut’s latest release – “Navigate The Sunrise” an EP which took the band on their first National Headline Tour, a massive 26 date – 6 state tour during May-August 2014.

The new clip has been released just ahead of Hailmary hitting the road for the 2015 Wallapalooza Festival in June, where the band are one of only 5 bands to feature on all 5 legs (see below for Tour detail).

The clip tells the story of an obsessive fan who kidnaps her favourite band “Hailmary” to play a private show just for her. But when she decides to add Hailmary to her collection, she fails to calculate the resourcefulness of the boys…

The boys, well, they’re just trying to pick up their bass player so they can play a gig. There’s no way they can be stopped… or is there? A classic kidnap and escape tale peppered with guns, planes, limousines, hot models, bike chases, grenades, mad cliff jumps, and even a “dance-off”. But does good or evil prevail?

The clip boasts cameos from Hailmary drummer Vas Shevtsov’s Dad and sister, LFD’s co producer Sarah Harris and even Director Kiran Wilson, along with an army of artists who donated their skills and time to breathe life into this 5 minutes of insanity.

Shot by DOP Joel Crane, who did everything from dangling cameras over masses of water, to perching himself on the edge of cliffs and on the back of motorbikes, just to get the perfect shots….crazy unstoppable genius. (Directed by Kiran Wilson Co Directed by David Harris Produced by LFD Collective, Free runners by Pulse Free runners.)


Hailmary have been announced as one of only five bands along with These Four Walls (New Zealand), RedHook (NSW), Smoking Martha (QLD) and Flannelette (QLD) to tour on all 5 legs of the Wallapalooza Festival in its first year of going national.

Since launching five years ago, the Gold Coast event has become one of the most successful and long-running independent festivals in Southeast Queensland, drawing crowds in excess of 1000 people. And now, it’s taking on the East Coast.

Australia’s most cinematic rock and metal festival – Wallapalooza Festival 2015 – will hit Byron (June 5) Brisbane (June 6) Gold Coast (June 7) Melbourne (June 12 and Sydney (June 14) and each event promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for punters, with festival organiser, Andy Clark, giving it the Hollywood touch.

“No two line ups are the same,” explains Clark. “We have an extremely diverse range of musical styles and influences on show this year as always we a multi-genre festival offering something for every music lover. All the bands on the line ups are renowned for explosive live performances which is a big part of the reason we welcomed them on board.”

Featuring over 50 bands, including Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene headlining the Melbourne show with MASSIVE (VIC) and Glass Ocean (NSW) set to storm the NSW/QLD stages, taking part in Byron Bay/Queensland.

“Each of these shows is created in such a manner that simple digital reproduction will not even remotely capture the experience of being there in the moment with all these amazing artists.”

“Each show will have a different theme,” he says. “The themes will incorporate difference creative media and props and FX makeup by the team at Killer FX.”

Festival goers are also encouraged to dress for the occasion, with themes encompassing, ‘sirens’, ‘dungeons’, ‘dragons’ and ‘pirates’.
Wallapalooza 2015 Dates

Wallapalooza Byron Bay – Friday 5 June | The Northern, Sirens theme | Free Entry – Hailmary | Hammers | Glass Ocean | RedHook | These Four Walls | Massive | Smoking Martha |

Wallapalooza Brisbane – Saturday 6 June | New Globe Theatre, Dungeons theme | Tix: – Hailmary |Massive | Sevenhurtz | Flannelette | Glass Ocean |Smoking Martha | RedHook | Azreal | These Four Walls | Swamp Gully Howlers | The Molotov | Bertie Page Clinic | King Jester | Hammers | The Black Swamp | Rogue Scholars | Mallory Vanetti | The Royal Artillery | Thundergod Of The Multiverse | Reud Mood | Andrew Cousins | Andrew Baxter | Mayan Fox

Wallapalooza Gold Coast – Sunday 7 June | Wallaby Hotel, Pirates theme | Free Entry – Hailmary |Massive | RedHook | The Wrath | Glass Ocean | These Four Walls | Azreal | Divine Ascension | Flannelette | Smoking Martha | Mass Sky Raid | The Molotov | The Black Swamp | Versus Fate | Rogue Scholars | Snake Mountain | Swamp Gully Howlers | Gimpus | Loud Goes Bang | Veal | Andrew Cousins | Andrew Baxter | Salt And Steel | Max & Owen | + More TBA

Wallapalooza Melbourne – Friday 12 June | Yah Yah’s, Dragons theme | $10 – Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene | Hailmary | RedHook | These Four Walls | Smoking Martha | Flannelette

Wallapalooza Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza, Sirens 2 theme | Free Entry – RedHook | Hailmary | These Four Walls | Smoking Martha |


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