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Label: AFM Records

Release Date: April 28, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest disc from A Life Divided travels the road of human emotion and existence.  Disc opener “Burst” quickly demonstrates the bands use of industrial components in their music.  The heavy bottom end echoes the heavy lyrics, while the vocals are full complement the songs energy.  “The Most Beautiful Black” comes across and has a cool feel to it.  The industrial facet of the track is supported with a great tempo and lighter vocals.  The songs energy is catchy, almost pop-infused.  “Own Mistake” has a charging tempo that keeps this song moving (pun intended), along with the rest of the disc.  The sound is a bit lighter than the previous tracks on the disc, but this fits in the collection perfectly.  “Just Nothing” opens like a guitar-driven rocker, and although the guitar backs off slightly during the verse, chugging riff underneath the chorus gives the song a little added punch.  “Drive” is more of an industrial / modern rocker that allows the vocals to carry the mood of the track, while the guitars and keyboards breathe additional energy into the track.  “Believe” gives the drums and bass a little room to run, while they keep the song steady and strong.  The guitar sound on this one is full and really takes the song to another level.  “Lay Me Down” brings a heavier sound with rhythmic drums and keyboards that fill the void during the verse and bridges.  The chorus kicks in with an emotional vocal that keeps the songs energy up, without getting light or poppy.

“Inside Me” is a great track, full of cool guitar riffs, big keyboards, and a rhythm section that anchors this track, keeping it grounded when the vocals take flight, especially at the chorus and bridge.  No wonder this was the first video and single from the disc.  “Right Where I Belong” gives us a different vocal style in the opening, as well as a more ethereal musical landscape that gives this a cool 80’s techno feel.  This track adds depth to the disc.  “Could You” is an electro-rock gem that features a groove that is as accessible in a rock setting as it is on the dance floor.  This track showcases the bands mainstream feel approach to their craft.  “My Apology” is the second video featured from the new disc and is the closest thing you will find to a ballad on this collection.  The lyrics are introspective and add another dimension to the band as writers and players.  “Live Forever” gives us more killer bass and drums, along with ethereal keyboards in the mix.  The guitar work in the background is great, but never steps into the front, allowing the droning bass and keyboard to capture the emotion of the lyrics.  Disc closer “Happy End” wraps the package up with a cool techno/electro rocker that pulls sounds and vibes from different tracks on the disc, but really takes flight when the tempo picks up and the song charges fiercely to a happy ending.

TRACKLIST: Burst – The Most Beautiful Black – Inside Me – Own Mistake – Right Where I Belong – Just Nothing – Could You – Drive – My Apology – Believe – Live Forever – Lay Me Down – Happy End





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