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| 22 April 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music

Release Date: April 17, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Jim Peterik has to be the busiest man in music today.  Releasing a new collection of tracks with singer Marc Scherer is the latest project from this busy composer, guitarist, author, keyboardist, etc.  Title track “Risk Everything” opens the disc with a powerhouse melodic rock track that has the makings of a classic song.  The guitars dueling with the keyboards and the awesome melodies and harmonies make this a great opening track.  “Chance Of A Lifetime” brings more of the guitar and keyboard along for a mellower ride than the previous track, but no less powerful.  Once the drums and bass kick in, the song takes off and soars.  “Desperate In Love” is a beautiful ballad that builds on Peterik’s legacy and adds another great song to his catalog.  The emotional pull of the song is evident in Scherer’s vocals.  “The Dying Of The Light” is another rock track that takes soaring guitars and mixes them with steady keyboards and strong vocals.  The chorus is layered and the background vocals are solid.  “Brand New Heart” comes out swinging with heavy bass and drums co-mingled with a cool guitar riff and steady keyboard.  The vocals take this song to the next level and breath fun into the feel of the song.  “Your Independence Day” closes the disc with a cool groove that gives the song a different texture than other tracks on the disc.  The chorus is huge and kicks the song into a higher gear.

“Cold Blooded” features searing guitar licks and some of the best vocals on the disc.  The keyboards highlight the track lightly in the background while the rhythm section anchors this track, especially the pounding drums.  “Thee Crescendo” is a quirky track that runs from mellow to rocker and back again, hitting every spot in between on its journey.  The keyboards drive this track, along with heavy drums and a chugging guitar.  Peterik pulled out all the stops when he wrote “How Long Is A Moment.”  This song is one of the best ballads to leap from the mans mind and heart.  The sonic impression of the track matches the lyrics and the emotive vocals.  “Broken Home” is an emotional song that has heavy lyrics that don’t bring the mood of the song or disc down.  This heartfelt track takes a very touchy subject and gives it a beautiful vibe that gives hope.  “Milestones” is one of the moodier feeling rockers on the disc.  The songs heavy feel is lightened by the keyboards at the chorus and bridge, but the vibe of the track is accentuated by the lead vocals.

TRACKLIST: Risk Everything – Chance Of A Lifetime – Cold Blooded – Desperate In Love – Thee Crescendo – The Dying Of The Light – How Long Is A Moment – Brand New Heart – Broken Home – Milestones – Your Independence Day





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