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CD REVIEW: VAMPS – Bloodsuckers

| 23 March 2015 | Reply


Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: March 24, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There are bands that come across my path that I get into and others that I let pass by, as they just don’t strike me.  When I first heard Bloodsucker by Vamps, I knew we had a keeper.  “Reincarnation” is a cool instrumental piece that sets the pace and mood for the disc.  “Zero” comes blasting out of the speakers and has a cool modern, yet vintage sound to it.  The use of keyboards and guitar in tandem takes this to a cool 1980’s place.  “Ahead” is a great song that comes at you with a cool vibe and frantic tempo that adds a sense of urgency to the track that is punctuated at the chorus and bridge.  “Ghost” takes the reigns and runs along with a great rock spirit that brings together some of the best vocals on the disc and blends them with guitar, a hint of keyboards, and a perfect mix of bass and drums.  “Damned” brings a heavy rock feel to the disc and builds on the sound of the other tracks that came before it on the disc.  The heavy bass really anchors the track.  “Replay” hits hard and fast with a tempo that doesn’t quit from the opening note until the last, without being an overbear hard rock tune.  The lighter vocals give this song a cool feel that shifts the attention to the great mix of guitars and keyboards.  Disc closer “Inside Myself” is a great throwback track, heavy on keyboards, that shows the talent behind the musicians.  The vocals are strong and mix bode well in the heavy mix that hits at the second verse.

“Lips” is a heavier sound that fits well in 2015 – the vocals and heavier rhythm section blend well against the guitar riffs, especially the killer guitar solo that drops at the bridge.  “Evil” has a cool sound woven into the fabric of the music – the pounding pace of the drums and bass add a great bottom end to the song that allows the vocals and guitars to charge ahead and forge a great vibe.  “Vampire’s Love” is a great piece that opens with a beautiful piano interlude that is highlighted with a bit of orchestration.  The songs strength is the contrast of the raspy rock vocal that is cast on top of the great arrangement as this song crescendos at the chorus.  “Get Away” has a cool retro keyboard sound that borders on industrial, giving the disc a little added texture and depth.  The vocals are strong and carry the track from verse to chorus and through the bridge.  Title track “Blooodsuckers” is a fun piece that combines heavy metal and modern rock in a cool blend of genres that clocks in at just under 1:30.  The keyboards and vocals are the real starts here, but you can’t lose sight of the rhythm, section in the mix.  The killer vibe created continues in the straight ahead rocker “The Jolly Roger.”  The drumming is awesome on this track and provides the perfect backdrop for the track, but the vocals at the chorus soar above the mix and give the disc a cool track that seems to defy any specific stereotype or genre.  I cannot wait to hear these songs played live when these guys hit the tour trail shortly with Sixx A.M.





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