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| 11 March 2015 | Reply

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Label: Cabo Records LLC

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A new band across my radar is Secret Of Boris and they have new disc out on Cabo Records.  “Virus” opens the disc and the music is infectious, but the real standout is the vocals.  The different textures draw you in.  “Desert Blood” follows and adds some cool guitar work to the mix, as well as cleaner vocals that demonstrate some of the lead singers flexibility.  “Lost In A Daze” is a track that stands out, only because it has the most streamline rock sound of any track on the disc, taking on an almost ballad-like feel at the verse and bridges.  “Fall Down” features some great percussion work that lifts the mood of this track, giving it a lighter feel and texture.  “The Difference” opens with a different vocal sound and heavy keyboards, but soon shifts into a rocker that has a very tribal feel at the chorus.  “What Have You Done” opens with cool tribal drums that add a very rhythmic feel to the track, helping the song stand out a bit from some of the others.

“What You Became” opens and has a cool industrial feel, while allowing the rhythm section to control the flow and groove of the track.  “Retro” is rock radio material and should fare well on Sirius / XM stations that prominently feature radio friendly modern rock.  “Something Else” has a very 1980’s retro sound that permeates the vocals, the guitars, and even the keyboards.  At times the guitars take on a very Cure-like sound.  “The Watcher” comes across the speakers and the verse has a catchy feel to it.  The music isn’t too heavy or overbearing,when matched against the vocals.  “From Now On” has a very familiar guitar sound that graces about 90% of music today, whereas the vocals sit in contrast to the keyboard stream that sits in the back of the track.  Title track and disc closer “Your Ghost” has a mezmorizing sound that closes the disc on a different note and with a different sound than other tracks here.





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