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| 5 March 2015 | Reply


Label: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

You won’t hear anything new on this disc.  Well, you will if you do not have any clue about Mother Superior.  If that is the case, it will all be new, but for those of us in the know, this is a great reworking of twelve Mother Superior classics!  Born out of a birthday jam, Motor Sister decided to re-record their twelve favorite MS songs.  This veritable who’s who is led by the uber talented Jim Wilson, who led the original charge, on vocals and guitar.  “A-Hole” isn’t what you expect lyrically, but sonically, this track delivers.  The killer drums, charging guitars, and aggressive vocals build up the feel of this track and points the disc in a certain direction.  “This Song Reminds Me Of You” has a cool vibe that keeps the passion and drive from the opening track alive, while the tempo and vocals keep things a bit mellower.  “Fool Around” is a great track that really represents the strength of these players, especially Scott Ian on guitars.  The different textures of this track marry the pounding rhythm section and cool riffs.  “Head Hanging Low” is a great song that has a different feel and flavor than other tracks on the disc, but stays true to the idea and flow of the collection.  The song adds depth to the disc.  “Little Motor Sister” is a fun song that features a heavy bottom end from Tempesta and Vera, while Ian and Wilson add killer licks and riffs.  Ms. Aday drops some of her best vox on this track.  “Whore” is all piss and vinegar – this song has attitude from open to close and also features some of the best vocals on the disc from both Wilson and Pearl Aday.

“Beg Borrow Steal” opens with a killer guitar and bass line that give the song a heavy groove from the opening note, but the vocal tandem of Wilson and Aday keep the track from being too heavy, especially at the chorus.  “Get That Girl” opens with pounding drums from John Tempesta, and the song never looks back, as it charges heavily from the opening note to the closing chord.  The drums anchor the track while the vocals soar.  “Fork In The Road” has a cool rock-blues  feel that is enhanced when Ian adds guitar and Joey Vera throws a heavy bottom line underneath, compliments of his killer bass playing.  The vocals of Wilson and Aday at the chorus has different feel to it that adds to the songs delivery.  “Pretty In The Morning” has a sweet blues riff played perfectly that sets the tone for the track and the song has every great thing about this disc wrapped within 3-1/2 minutes.  The drumming and bass anchor the track, the riffs charge along, and the vocals add depth.  “Doghouse” is another bluesy track that benefits from the band members rock pedigrees.  The vocals are all killer – no filler, while the trudging guitar riffs and rhythm section play an important supporting role.  Disc closer “Devil Wind” is a different track that nicely wraps this project up.  The guitar work on the intro and first verse set well against Wilson’s vocals and builds the foundation for the rest of the track.

If you aren’t familiar with the originals, by all means enjoy this disc, but do yourself a favor and experience the magic that was Mother Superior!




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