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| 18 March 2015 | Reply


Label: Century Media Records

Release Date: March 24, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

After speaking with Karyn Crisis earlier this year (check it out HERE), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest release from this heavy metal enchantress.  Keep in mind, her music and vocals aren’t for every one or every situation.  Disc opener “Omphalos” features Karyn’s vocals over a cool interlude of percussion and guitars.  Soon a growling vocal joins the mix and we get a small dose of what we are about to experience for the next hour.  “Alchemist” comes next and the kicks off with a cool guitar piece that eventually morphs into a great musical background for the lyrical web Karyn weaves with her words and voice.  “Aradia” is a heavier track that features a great opening riff that chugs along throughout the track, setting the pace and flow of the song.  The vocals are more aggressive than others on the disc, but fits the mood of the music.  “Father” is a piece that contradicts and comes off heavier than most of the tracks on the disc due to the heavier vibe of the guitars and vocals.  “Howl At The Moon” is a solid metal tune that relies on heavy vocals and tribal rhythms.  The vocal is more spoken and growled than sang, but has moments of classic Crisis upper register pieces.  “The Secret” is a noise-filled track that gets special attention from Karyn’s vocals.  The abstract musical accompaniment is the perfect compliment to the vocals.  “The Sword And The Stone” comes out of the gate with a chugging riff which acts as the foundation for the track from open to close.

“Ancient Ways” is a different track that opens with a churning riff and familiar Crisis growl.  The song draws intensity from the heavy bass line, steady drumming, and Karyn’s vocals, which take on a very chant-like feel.  “Mother” takes on a slower pace and mellower pace than other tracks on the disc, but don’t be misled.  The intensity of the songs lyrics are fully conveyed in the musical background that dances beneath the emotionally charged vocals.  “Goddess Of Light” has an almost dark ethereal feel to the music, while coming off as light and airy, thanks to Crisis’ beautiful vocals during the verse and pre-chorus.  The chant-like chorus and bridge add depth to the track.  “Pillars” takes a lighter approach to delivering an emotional lyric, through airy vocals thinly accompanied by a heavier growl and a simple riff that sits atop the track and keeps things from getting too heavy.  Title track “Salem’s Wounds” is a complicated piece that brings all of the different textures and tones of the disc into one track.  Listening to Crisis sing through the verses makes you appreciate not only her talent, but the conviction with which she sings, especially at the bridge and chorus.  Disc closer “The Ascent” is a cool amalgamation of the different moods of the disc rolled into one track.  Listen through the track though, and you will be treated to a bonus composition that allows Karyn to give us one last taste of her vocal talent, as well as a lesson in how she conveys emotions through her voice.


OFFICIAL SITE (Karyn Crisis)

FACEBOOK (Gospel Of The Witches)

FACEBOOK (Karyn Crisis)


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