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| 14 February 2015 | Reply


Label: Metropolis Records

Release Date: February 10, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

From the ashes of Stabbing Westward came The Dreaming.  Now on Rise Again, the band has finally listened to the fans and gone back to the basic sound that made gave their previous incarnation their specific sound.  “Alone” has a cool industrial flavor without going overboard.  The guitars are chunky and mix well with the vocals.  The keyboards/effects enhance the track instead of drowning out the sound.  “Painkillers” leans a little heavier on the keyboards and effects, but also shines a light on the drums through the intro and into the verse and chorus.  The blend of guitars adds pop to the chorus.  “Empty Promises” is more guitars and keyboards with less of an industrial feel, but the mix of the instruments and vocals give this song a different texture than others on the disc.  “Throw It Away” is a lighter track that heads in a different direction than other songs on this collection, but adds depth to the disc by demonstrating how different songs scan be woven together to create consistency.  “Blink Of An Eye” is typical industrial fare with heavy guitars and excessive keyboards and effects, but the vocals temper the sound of the track and help it stand out among other songs from the genre.

“Kisses Taste Like Death” has a great groove that keeps the foot tapping and head banging from opening note until the final chord is played.  The vocals at the chorus are anthemic and give this an arena-rock meets industrial feel.  “Afraid” is heavier in tone, without being a heavy track, even when the vocals dial up the intensity at the chorus.  The chugging riffs and steady drumming keep this song anchored.  “Still Believe” is a fun track that brings the drums and vocals back up in the mix and then drops guitar and keyboards into the chorus giving this song added punch and creating a cool rock sound.  “Destroy” adds some diverse sounds to the disc and, compliments of the vocals, an ethereal feel during the verses.  The song builds to a full sound at the choruses and bridge.  Disc closer and title track “Rise Again” brings the disc and band full circle with their past and present, hopefully mapping out a portion of the future as well.  The tempo of this track elevates this track and makes it one of the better on the disc.





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