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| 14 January 2015 | Reply


Label: Massacre Records

Release Date: January 20, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some bands music come across my email and speakers and I find myself listening to a disc over and over for days on end trying to wrap my head around what I like about the disc.  The latest from Messiah’s Kiss is one of these instances.  “Livin’ In Paradise” opens the disc and it has a cool vibe that sets the pace for a rocking ride.  The guitars blend with the mood of the track and the vocals lift the chorus.  “Immortal Memory” is more of the same charging rock and roll as the disc opener, but blends in a heavier groove through the chorus and bridge from the rhythm section.  “Survivor (Take A Ride On My Heels)” has a cool guitar intro that picks up the tempo and pacing of the disc, without becoming a full-blown heavy metal track.  “Only Murderers Kill Time” is featured twice, with a great rock version that features killer vocals and an even better acoustic version (bonus track) that gives the band a moment to strip down and just enjoy playing a great song.  “Mission To Kill” is a fun track that gives the guitars a workout and reflects on the influence of other shredders from the 80’s.  The intro and bridges are furious guitar pieces that are pieced together with lyrics.  “Nobody Knows Your Name” combines all of the fun rock elements of the other tracks on the disc and help create a cohesion between the different songs with a great pace and feel.  “Whisper A Prayer” chugs along and takes the disc on a fun ride, with vocals that soar and seem to build slowly and then explode when the chorus and bridge hit.

“Rescue Anyone? Rescue Me!” comes along and kicks the door down with its chugging guitars, heavy drums and bass, and aggressive vocals all coming together to create one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Time To Say Goodbye” opens with a cool bass line and pounding drums that set the songs breakneck pace and tempo.  The vocals kick in and compliment the tracks heavier feel.  “Fuel For Life” brings the speed and aggression back to the mix with a killer beat and pace that are anchored by the drums and bass, while the vocals and guitars add depth to the track.  “Symphony Of Sin” is another driving track that allows the vocals to shine, while the bass and drums hold down the tempo of the song, while giving the guitars room to run.  “Who’s The First To Die” has an opening that presents a different feel than other tracks on the disc, even when a consistent pounding accentuates the verse.  “Without Forgiveness” has a cool intro that marries a great riff with strong vocals, all while producing one of the more enjoyable choruses – this song was made for a live audience.  “Buried Alive” ties the different accents and pieces of the rest of the disc together and shows the common thread that graces this disc – a great tempo mixed with guitar riffs, heavy bottom end, and soaring vocals.”  “It’s No Good” (bonus track) is worth picking up the deluxe version on its own merit.  This song is the most anthemic of the bunch and has a killer chorus that takes this song to new heights, along with the guitar work and vocals.  This is, in my opinion, hands down the best track on the disc!




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