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| 13 December 2014 | Reply


Label: Capital Records

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Having heard the EP from Mary Lambert earlier this year, I couldn’t wait for her full length disc to be released – and I was not let down one bit.  “Secrets” is a killer opening track that gives us a glimpse into not only the psyche of Ms. Lambert, but into the talent behind the voice.  The lyrics are thought provoking and catchy; a win-win for any writer.  “So Far Away” is less poppy than its predecessor, but carries no less an impact.  The vocals on this track are paired nicely against a full band sound that builds from opening note to close.  “Dear One” is a cool spoken part, building on the pieces on her earlier released EP.  “Chasing The Moon” has a cool vibe that builds on a funky bass line and adds cool vocals and a great groove that gets the foot tapping and the head bobbing.  “Monochromatic” is a different track that opens with a dark keyboard driven piece that is quickly offset by Mary’s upper register and the two meet in the middle by time the chorus arrives, retreating to a mellower place at each verse.  The anthemic chorus should cause lighters to be held low while others hands wave from side to side.  “Wounded Animal” is a slower track that gives Lambert a chance to add more emotion to the disc.  The piano-vocal duet is simple, yet seems large in the scheme of things due to the lyrics.

“Ribcage,” which features Angel Haze and KFlay,  is another track that allows us to look inside the mind and, more importantly, the heart of Lambert.  The vocals are emotive and portray the importance of the lyrics and their true meaning.  “When You Sleep” opens with an almost eerie piano interlude that soon duets with Mary’s vocals and creates a beautiful ode to the quest for pure and true love.  “Jessie’s Girl” is probably the only questionable material on the disc.  This version, while being artsy and introspective about wanting a friends girlfriend for your own, seems to fall short, especially with the vocal talent Ms. Lambert brings to the table.  Title track “Heart On My Sleeve” is a great track that gives the vocals a sultrier sound than other spots on the disc, but it adds depth and texture to not only the track, but the collection as a whole.  The chorus is full and catchy, giving the disc another powerhouse pop track, to go along with the disc opener.  “Sum Of Our Parts” closes out the disc with a sexy groove that grabs the attention, allowing the brain to absorb the message in the lyrics.  The piano pieces interjected at various intervals in the track help build the sound of the song at a pace consistent with the phenomenal vocals.

There are bonus track available on different editions and you would be mistaken to not grab the extended version and miss out on songs like the emotionally charged “Sing To Me” or the pop-filled “Assembly Line,” which features a sexy bass line and a fun back track that makes this dance floor material.  There is also an alternate version of disc closer “Sum Of Our Parts.”  The songs on this disc all seem to blend different emotions, vibes, and thoughts while creating one belief: Love.  Love for yourself, love for others, and love for the sake of love.  The deluxe edition is fourteen reasons to love Mary Lambert.





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