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INTERVIEW – Gary ‘Youngy’ Young, Destroy She Said – October 2014

| 3 October 2014 | Reply

INTERVIEW – Gary ‘Youngy’ Young, Destroy She Said – October 2014
By Shane Pinnegar

Gary Young Destroy She Said 01

Destroy She Said are back with a killer new single called Fat Lizzy. A sweet love song it AIN’T, but it’s a story that many will be able to relate to – whether they want to admit it or not.

Remember AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie? Well… Destroy She Said had a similar experience with Lizzy, if you know what I mean.

Gary ‘Youngy’ Young, one of DSS’s two guitarists, says it wasn’t written from personal experience… maybe!

“No, I think that’s just Simon [McCullough – vocalist]’s ability to be a great storyteller… but then again I’m sure you know the old Aussie joke?”

Destroy She Said Feb 14

Destroy She Said are practically the spiritual grandkids of AC/DC’s late singer and lyricist Bon Scott, though Youngy says the song was born of different influences.

“Yeah you can’t play hard rock and not be a fan [of AC/DC], I reckon – but we like to think we bring a different twist. To be honest the song Fat Lizzy started life as a riff that reminded us of Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy and the idea lived on a piece of a paper under the name ‘Thin Lizzy-type riff’ – then we thought, ‘why don’t we call it Fat Lizzy’ – and Lizzy was born!”

Also on the Fat Lizzy EP are three live tracks which simply sound massive. The band have obviously mastered the (very different) arts of recording live and in the studio.

“Yeah they are totally different beasts,” agrees Youngy, “for us anyway. I’m not sure if we can totally master everything otherwise it would be game over and we would be filthy rich!

“Insert time machine here!!” he laughs. “But the relationship we have with Hothouse Audio Saint Kilda with Craig Harnath co-producing with the band, and Jez Giddings mixing, and Tony Jack The Bear mastering is one we have proved works for everyone. The live tracks were mixed by our lead guitarist Dave Walker and he’s done an incredible job.”

Destroy She Said 01

With recording still costing a fortune and sales a lot bloody slimmer for bands nowadays, Youngy admits it’s been a while since the band have put anything out, but says they’re ready to dive into their second album – and Fat Lizzy is the first salvo.

“We’ve been home recording lots of new demos for the last eight months, and we have more than enough tracks for album number two. We are totally confident that we will bring more growth and depth along to eclipse our very well received debut Down To Dirty. One way or another, we are itching to make the new album – we cant wait!”

Destroy She Said garnered a fair bit of attention around the world with that debut album, which was released in Europe by French label Bad Reputation, and Youngy says the band are planning to capitalise on that.

“All sights are set on overseas [touring] – at this stage we are waiting on things we can’t mention so…” he leaves that hanging, tantalisingly.

Destroy She Said

Fat Lizzy comes with a super-limited option of only 55 copies, in a full box with a host of extras, right down to a pack of flour which you can use to… well… listen to the song and that should give you one hint. With previous deluxe issues including posters, DVDs and more, the obvious question is: how can an independent band even afford such luxuries?

“Are we famous for doing that?” laughs Youngy. “That’s good to know! Well it’s all about good shopping I guess!”

Destroy She Said - Fat Lizzy cover

To take that one step further: why are DSS one of the only bands who do this sort of thing for their fans?

“I’m not sure,” says Youngy, “maybe we care or believe more than some bands… maybe we are more Noel Gallagher [than Liam]?”

Destroy She Said’s Fat Lizzy EP is launched Saturday 4 October 2014 at The Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne’s St Kilda, and is available to order now from the band’s website.

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