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CD REVIEW: NONONO – We Are Only What We Feel


Label: Warner Bros

Release Date: July 1, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Power pop trios have always been a mystical creature in music, and the same can be said for NONONO.  Their blend of power pop punk is refreshing and fun.  “Jungle” has many textures and sounds that combine to create a great opening track that sets a path and pattern from the start.  “Like The Wind” is an ethereal track that layers the instruments and vocals to create a sound that carries most of the tracks on this disc.  “Echo” has a cool vibe that permeates the track and seems to carry over onto the disc.  The slow tempo and lighter keyboard help this track take a different approach to what these guys have done on the rest of the disc.  “Hungry Eyes” is a poppy track that gives the another shot at tribal beats and the keyboards lead the charge.  “Fire Without A Flame” is a cool track that has a fun groove and a chorus that screams to be blasted through a killer sound system in a huge club.  The sounds are entrancing and full on this track.

“Pumpin Blood” was the first track to grab my attention, and it still stands out.  The different instrumentation along with the vocals and chugging tempo make this a fun track that gets the foot tapping and should be a dance floor sensation.  “One Wish” is another track that has a cool beat and tempo that keeps the mood up and light.  The vocals are simple, yet flourish in the chorus when the rest of the music kicks in and gives the song depth.  “Down Under” gives a different look at the band, especially the vocals.  They seem lush in spots, yet poppy in others.  The instrumentation accentuates the vocals and gives this song extra legs to stand on.  “Johnny” is an odd track, as the verse seems to be mismatched against the chorus, but it somehow works in the scheme of the song and disc.  Disc closer “Love” is another track that seems to be different from every other track on the disc, but fits within the patchwork of this collection.  The chorus is very rhythmic and gives this song the adhesive it needs to belong.  If this is where these guys have started off with their discography, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this trio.

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