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| 20 June 2014 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: June 24, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There seems to be a surge in female-fronted pop-punk bands lately, and The Nearly Deads are another example of the right way to do it.  “I Said” has been saturating the radio (satellite and ethereal) and for good reason.  The band figured out how to add punk to a pop/radio sensible song and make it catchy.  “Invisible Tonight” follows the same recipe, but seems edgier than the opening track.  The vocals are emotive and help add to the track during the chorus.  “Paper Doll” features a heavier guitar and bass sound than other tracks on the disc and let the band show off another side of the band, while keeping with the formula they have developed for the rest of the disc.  “In The Morning” is a breath of fresh air on the disc, in that it allows the band to branch out a bit and play something different from the other tracks on the disc.  This song takes on a ballad-type feel, while keeping the power punk-pop feel of the other songs intact.  “You Got Me” brings the chugging guitars back to life, while tossing in great vocals and more than capable rhythm from the bass and drums.

“Changeover” has a cool chugging riff that travels through the track from open to close and gives this track more of a punk edge, while the drums and vocals keep the track flowing with a pop vibe that gives this song a fun vibe.  “Easy Way Out” is a typical track for this band, that wraps all of the pop sensibility nicely with a punk punch that kicks in at the chorus and bridges.  “Point Of No Return” is another track that has a heavier feel, while slowing the tempo a bit compared to other songs.  The vocals on this track, especially during the chorus, help carry this track from the first note until the last.  “Brave” is a pounding song that really covers what the band does the best – attack with drums and bass, layer cool guitars and riffs on top with the soaring vocals.  The song gives the back end of the disc a nice kick in the ass.  “Our Last Adventure” is another ballad-like song that features a cool guitar part underneath the bridge and chorus, while the verse is carried by the vocals.  “Never Look Back (Reanimated)” is a cool stripped-down/acoustic version of an earlier track, that seems to take on a new life and really gives Theresa Jean a chance to show off her vocals.  Don’t kid yourself – this lady can sing!  Hopefully this disc will take off and allow this band to bring its music and message to the masses…

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