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| 25 June 2014 | Reply

Sherry Lynn - A Beautiful Life v9

Label: Steal Heart Music

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Country is one of those genres in which I either dig the artist or I don’t.  Sherry Lynn falls into the former category with her latest release.  “I Like Em Like That” kicks the disc off in the right direction.  The guitar has just enough steel in it to let Sherry toss her twang on top when she cuts loose.  “Girls Will Be Girls” is a fun track that has a cool feel to it, keeping the country sound intact while giving a nod to a rock vibe, with the chugging guitars and anthemic chorus.  “What A Day To Shake A Heartache” is the perfect girls gone wild on the open road track.  The rhythm section helps carry this track with fun percussion and a heavy back beat that is accentuated with piano and fiddle.  “So Much More” has that typical country sound that graces radio these days.  The lead vocals work well with the steel, acoustic, and electric guitars and background vocals.  “Fallin’ In Love” has a fun sound that seems to mesh with the rest of the disc, yet sounds diverse enough to stand on its own.  The band works hard to give Sherry’s voice room to run, which it does quite well during the chorus and bridge.

“Slip Into Something Mexico” is a mellow track that takes you on a journey south of the border and away from the insanity we all call life.  The tempo of the track, along with the laid back approach give this track the perfect accompaniment for the lyrics.  “You In A Song” takes off and doesn’t look back, as the vocals dance along with the guitars and other string instruments.  The lush tones in Lynn’s voice give this song a little more depth than some of the others on the disc.  “What Are You Running From” opens with a bit of a darker sound and texture that morphs into a cool track that really gives the band room to run underneath the strong vocals from Sherry.  The drums and bass drive the track during the verses and make room for the guitars at the chorus and bridge.  “I Could Get Used To This” works the country sound and masters it well.  This track could just as easily been the lead off single or the opening track on the disc, as it grabs you and gets the foot tapping.  Title track “Beautiful Life” brings new and classic country together, when Crystal Gayle lends her voice to the track.  The two voices sound as different as they sound alike, but the contrast works perfectly through the duet at the chorus.  This may be Sherry Lynn’s sophomore release, but she sounds seasoned and ready to hit the big stages.  Now to go find that debut disc…

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