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LIVE REVIEW: Death Angel and Kreator, Melbourne, 16 April 2014

| 6 May 2014 | Reply

LIVE REVIEW: Death Angel and Kreator, Melbourne, 16 April 2014
United Thrash Nations tour; Wednesday 16th April, 170 Russell (Billboard)
Review by Shayne McGowan

death angel kreator

First of all, I have to apologise for the lack of photos. I was there as a punter for this gig, so I didn’t take my decent camera, and the iPhone pics just didn’t cut it.

First up is San Francisco bay area thrash legends Death Angel. I think it’s fairly obvious that nobody in the crowd is here just to see them, but we’re all happy to see them just the same. The sound in the club is massive, which is good, because I have to admit that I was a little worried about how it would sound going in…

Death Angel are on fire right from the get go. Opening with “Left for Dead” from the fantastic 2013 release “The Dream Calls for Blood”, the band are playing like men possessed, and appear to be genuinely happy to be here.

The highlights of the set are “Evil Priest” from the classic debut album, and the thunderous title track of their latest album “The Dream Calls for Blood”.

Vocalist Mark Osegueda later confirms that after many years of rough roads, they are stoked to be together as a band, let alone here playing for us tonight.


Death Angel setlist
1. Left for Dead
2. Son of the Morning
3.Evil Priest
4. Claws in so Deep
5. Relentless Revolution
7. The Dream Calls for Blood
8. Seemingly Endless
9. Succubus
10. Sonic Beatdown
11. Caster of Shame
12. Mistress of Pain
13. Thrown to the Wolves

The final act of the night, and the one we’re all mostly here to see is the almighty, German thrash heavyweights, Kreator. Mainstays of the thrash metal movement for over thirty years, arguably the best of the “Teutonic Big Four”, and at least for me, a band that dominates over the better known thrash bands such a Slayer, Kreator are not here to fuck around tonight, and launch into a storming rendition of Phantom Antichrist, from their most recent album of the same name.

The crowd is responding in the affirmative, with moshing, crowd surfing and circle pits to show their appreciation. Mille Petrozza has them eating out of his hand, especially when leading his band into material from the first two Kreator albums, Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill.

My all-time favourite Kreator record is the 1986 masterpiece “Pleasure to Kill”, so any song played off of that album is going to be a highlight for me. Surprisingly enough, I find my absolute highlight in the form of Civilization Collapse, a song from the most recent album, and am left NEEDING to buy a copy of Phantom Antichrist as soon as possible.

Mille vows that Kreator will be back in Australia soon, and provided they are willing and capable of a set featuring the same quality and energy that we’ve experienced tonight, I will welcome them back with open arms, and wallet…


Kreator Setlist:
1. Phantom Antichrist
2. From Flood into Fire
3. Warcurse
4. Endless Pain
5. Pleasure to Kill
6. Hordes of Chaos
7. Death to the World
8. Riot of Violence
9. Enemy of God
10. Phobia
11. Violent Revolution
12. United in Hate
13. People of the Lie
14. Civilization Colapse
15. Flag of Hate
16. Tormentor


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