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Label: TeePee Records

Release Date: May 20, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Mike Hubbard

New band Comet Control rose from the remains of Canada’s former kings of guitar-driven psych rock Quest For Fire and will release their debut self-titled full length on May 20th.  Ex-QFF vocalist/guitarist Chad Ross and guitarist Andrew Moszynski are joined by new-comers Nicole Howell on bass, Jay Anderson on drums, and Christopher Sandes on keyboards.  Picking up where QFF left off, Comet Control has delivered an instant classic with this eight track masterpiece.

The opening number is titled ‘Blast Magic’ and it is a perfect opening to the album, setting the stage for the mind-bending musical trip the listener is about to embark on.  The slow, pulsating rhythm and dizzying guitar solo brings to mind something from Baroness’s Yellow and Green.  CC picks up the tempo with the second track, ‘Future Forever’, with a driving beat and heavy fuzz guitars reminiscent of the best of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  The trippyness continues with a shuffle beat in ‘Ultra Bright’ and the rocking ‘The Soft Parade’, which is anything but soft.  CC delivers a bit of a change-up with the fifth song, ‘Century’.  Here they channel their inner The Stone Roses to produce a poppy upbeat tune that is bound to put a smile on your face.  And if ‘Century’ is a change-up, then keeping with the baseball metaphors ‘Hats Off To Life’ is a curve ball, as a bluesy slower tempo track with a wicked organ part that would make Rick Wright proud.  ‘Fear The Haze’ is up next and features my favorite guitar solo on the disc.  Last but not least is ‘Master’, a slow, soft, mournful song, leaving you sad that the album is over.

Listening to Comet Control was a surprise right from the start.  Each track has a very unique feel to it, but they all come together to form an impressive debut.

Category: CD Reviews

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