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Shane’s Rock Challenge: VAN HALEN – 1993 – LIVE: Right Here, Right Now

| 30 April 2014 | Reply

Shane’s Music Challenge: VAN HALEN – 1993 – LIVE: Right Here, Right Now

Van Halen - Right Here Right Now cover

I’m in two minds about live albums, really. I mean, nine times outta ten they’re not live anyway, but all re-recorded in the studio to correct mistakes made by lazy, drug addled or just plain HUMAN rock n’ rollers.

Albums like Judas Priest’s Unleashed In The East was SO overdubbed it was called Unleashed In The Studio behind their backs. Guns n’ Roses’ Live ?!*@ Like A Suicide was entirely recorded in the studio, with crowd noise added later from a live recording of a Texas Jam Festival (according to Duff McKagan’s autobiography)

Then there’s the ones which just resolutely fail to capture the excitement of being at a line show – there are many!

But, there are exceptions. Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous, Iron Maiden’s Live After Death, UFO – Strangers In The Night, are all, for starters, ace.

Accepting that, Right Here, Right Now is a pretty good live album – live in the studio, that is. Originally recorded over two nights in Fresno, California, in his autobiography Red, Hagar bemoaned being “forced” to go into the studio and redo all of the vocals.

The playing and backing vocals also sound pretty damn virtuoso (TOO damn virtuoso) most of the time, too, but it’s a far better set list than the same band’s Live Without A Net concert video of a few years previous.

Then, Sammy Hagar had just joined the band and had a royal chip on his shoulder about being compared to his predecessor David Lee Roth. Determined, seemingly, to alienate all of VH’s long term fans, he fronted the band in baggy pants and floppy hair, and refused to play the majority of the band’s favourites from their David Lee Roth days, instead substituting one or two of his own solo tracks.

Fast forward 5 or 6 years to Right Here, Right Now, and he’s mellowed a bit, if not a lot. The double album still features tracks mostly from Van Hagar’s three albums to that date, but there is also four from the Diamond Dave era, a couple of Hagar’s solo songs, and a bitchin’ cover of The Who’s Won’t Get fooled Again.

All up, it’s a fun ride, which is really all you can want from a live album – even one recorded in the studio.

By Shane Pinnegar


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