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Shane’s Music Challenge: YOUNG HEART ATTACK – 2004 – Mouthful Of Love

| 6 February 2014 | Reply

YOUNG HEART ATTACK – 2004 – Mouthful Of Love

Young Heart Attack - Mouthful Of Love cover

How the hell this record by young Texan rockers Young heart Attack isn’t more widely known is a mystery to me.

With vocals shared by and Chris Hodge and Jennifer Stephens, they had a unique selling point from the word go, and Stephens’ canny vocals lifted the whole shebang up a few notches. Chris “Frenchie” Smith’s guitar work is incendiary throughout, and the rhythm section of Stephen T Hall and Joey Shuffield (bass & drums) never lets up.


Mouthful Of Love is simply a fine, full force rock n’ roll album, full of energy and raunch, and led to the band supporting such disparate bands as Motorhead, Gay Dad, the Darkness.

All I can tell you is that this is a ball tearer – get it.

Best tracks: the title track is a balls out rocker (yeah, I meant it like that, too!), Starlite, Tommy Shots and a frenzied cover of The MC5’s Over & Over are worth the price of admission alone, and everything else here is almost as essential.

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