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Shane’s Music Challenge: THE MAGIC NUMBERS – 2005 – The Magic Numbers

| 19 January 2014 | Reply

THE MAGIC NUMBERS – 2005 – The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers cover

I love this album, and so does my wife Trulie. In fact, it was one of the first albums that we realised we both had in our collection, and anyone who likes the glorious West Coast harmonies of this unexpectedly London, UK four piece, can’t possibly be all bad – can they?

Comprised of two sets of brothers n’ sisters, it’s a bright and cheerful set of songs that are as infectious as they are engaging, so it was a shame they couldn’t repeat the formula on future releases.

Trulie says “I like it because it’s poppy and catchy, but organic still,” and she’s got a good point. The Magic Numbers is the sound of a pop band, but one with real talent both vocal and musical: not an autotune or processed digital instrument in sight.

Best bits: Singles Forever Lost and Love Me Like You are jangle-pop perfection and worth the price of admission alone, but it’s opener Mornings Eleven which will stay burrowed in your head for days after each listen.


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