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CD REVIEW: THE PACK A.D. – Do Not Engage

| 30 January 2014 | Reply


Label: Nettwerk Records

Release Date: January 28, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Garage bands and fuzz rock seem to go hand in hand.  There seems to be an ever increasing amount of these bands out there today, but none as interesting as The Pack A.D.  “Airborne” opens the disc with a familiar feel and intensity, but there is more to the track than fuzzed out guitars and drums – there is some different and ethereal vocals that carry over to “Animal” and “Creepin’ Jenny.”  The latter seems a bit heavier, but it has a full sound thanks to the vocals and guitars.  “Big Shot” is a track that stands out – the energy and song seem brighter and poppier, but not to any detriment of the disc.  It actually adds a little depth to the bands sound.  “Needles” closes the disc with a melancholy track that brings the band full circle as far as its sound and textures.

“Battering Ram” has a cool tribal and rhythmic feel to it that shifts gears at the chorus, which is catchy as hell.  The same can be said of “The Flight.”  “The Water” features the now familiar fuzzy guitars and poppy vocals, but features drums that seem to jump through the rest of the track and add punch to the song and it bridge and choruses.  “Stalking Is Normal” sounds remarkably the same while adding a different texture to the disc.  The drums keep time and add to the track, but the vocals are the real star on this one.  “Loser” has a mellow groove that gives the track a different feel than other tracks; it doesn’t really fit the mood of the rest of the disc.  “Rocket” takes the same mellow approach, but features vocals that lift the song out of obscurity and helps tie the front and back ends of the disc together.

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