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| 18 January 2014 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment

Release Date: January 21, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Chicago rockers Emperors And Elephants are dropping a disc that has some little rock nuggets.  Disc opener “Bring It Down” has the rock radio sound that should please fans of most rock.  The vocals at time are very reminiscent of different rockers from the 90’s.  On tracks like “Who You Are” and “Change,” the guitar work is solid and proves that this disc delivers the goods.  The latter features a breakdown and bridge that allows the vocals to take the lead and build the moments leading to the guitar solo.  “Man Of God” is a heavy track that brings the sound of Alice In Chains to mind, but with a heavier rock riff, not so much a grunge sound as just heavy.  This is one of the stronger tracks on the disc, as well as being my one of my favorites.  “Ghost In The Mirror” is another solid rock track that combines the use of heavy riffs and vocals to create a cool sound.  The vocals are a bit less scream/aggressive on this track, and that is a great thing, as the solo is clean too.

“Your Will” has different layers and textures that demonstrates the bands ability to play different styles of rock and combine them well within the framework of one track.  “Locust” and “Deep Sleep” feature heavy guitars and vocals that mix well and benefit from the heavy bass and drumming.  The guitar solo on the former adds to the track without droning on, whereas the latter takes advantage of the chugging guitar work.  “Hit Of Red” brings a bit of mellow to the disc while still featuring a heavy feel and killer solo that accentuates the vocals and bridge.  The real bonus of this disc is the killer cover of Chris Isaak’s hit “Wicked Game.”  This stays true to the original, if that version featured big guitars, heavy bass, and pounding drums.  The vocals are full of emotion and energy from start to finish.  The piano-driven ballad “You And I” closes the disc and gives you a feel for how strong the vocals are on this disc.  Keep an ear out for these guys, they just might impress you – they did me.

Category: CD Reviews

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