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ZEBRAHEAD – Call Your Friends

| 20 September 2013 | Reply


Label: Sony Records, MFZB Records

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Pop-punk is a genre that will never fade away, and the latest disc from zebrahead is a great reason it shouldn’t disappear.  “Sirens” kicks the doors open with “Give me an F; give me a U; give me a C-K-Y-O-U.”  This is just a small indicator of the attitude on this disc.  Once you get past that, this is a well-crafted track that leads the disc well.  “I’m Just Here for the Free Beer” has great guitars, fast drums, and vocals that fit the track.  The song moves along the same pace and course as the last track and keeps the attitude dialed as high as the energy.  “With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes” is a cool track that has a cool breakdown during the bridge and keeps the vibe of the disc alive.  The guitars really pop on this track as well.  “Call Your Friends” is a stereotypical pop punk track that features guitars, call back lyrics, and drums that set the pace.  The song is one of the better tracks on the disc and add depth with its simplicity.  “Murder on the Airwaves” opens with a fun guitar lick that is soon joined by drums and an aggressive bass line.  The vocals bounce between rap and singing, but it adds a little flavor to the song.  “Public Enemy Number One” opens unlike any other track so far, but it soon morphs into another good pop-punk track that this band does well.  The vocals during the verse are a little heavy, but once the chorus hits, all is well.   “Born to Lose” is a fun track with a great guitar riff that stands out against other track on the disc.  This is one of my favorite songs on the disc.

“Stick ‘Em Up Kid!” has more of the pop-punk sensibility that the band has seemed to master.  The use of drums and soaring choruses combined with a friendly guitar sound keeps this song among the more consistent on the disc.  “Automatic” jumps through the speaker from the first note to the last.  This is another track that demonstrates how well this group of guys handle themselves within the genre.  The song has all the components needed for a quality power pop-punk track.  The guitars are great mix well with the rest of the band and vocals.  “Nerd Armor” is the first track to really feature the bass upfront in the mix.  The song has a different feel than the rest of the disc, but it adds a little something to the collection by being different.  The vocals are more rap than punk, but it goes with the different vibe of the track.  “Panic In the Streets” comes back to what the band does well.  The guitars, vocals, and drums are cool; the whole group gels well as the chorus takes over the track.  This is another track that stands out on the disc.  “Don’t Believe the Hype” opens with aggressive vocals that seem more punk than pop, but it soon adds a weird rap vibe while the guitars, bass, and drums all seem to add their own piece to the odd puzzle.  The song fits, but oddly enough, it doesn’t feel like other tracks on the disc.  “Until the Sun Comes Up” opens, cruises along, and closes all while maintaining a party feel.  The groove of the track is a pace setter for a great night out and hang time with friends.  The pace of this track is frantic and I would be afraid to have my foot near the gas pedal while this track is playing.  “Last Call” closes the disc and brings the whole collection full circle.  The band pulls all the punches here and allows this song to run its own race while enveloping all the good stuff from the disc.

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