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Book review – Dominic Knight – Man Vs Child

| 30 September 2013 | Reply

Random House Australia
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Dominic Knight - Man Vs Child book

Knight, an alumni of Australia’s Chaser satirical comedy team, has delivered a charming and at times touching novel about stand up comedian Dan McIntyre who is staunchly anti-children.

Just as his personal life falls to pieces, his stand up career takes off, boosted by a burgeoning breakfast radio co-hosting role.

McIntyre’s loathing of kids soften slowly as he starts to see Penny, an old flame who he never quite got together with, but who has now split with her husband.

Long story short, the story is a very real, and at times very funny, depiction of a hard man whose heart is thawing as he slowly finds success and maturity.



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