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| 10 July 2013 | Reply


Label: FrostByte Media

Release Date: July 16, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd Jolicoeur

Another day, another rock band that somehow evaded my radar.  I was given the opportunity to review the latest from rockers Seven Witches.  “Man In The Mirror (Enemy Within)” kicks the disc off  with a heavy riff that gives you fair warning of what to expect from this disc.  Soon a killer riff kicks in and the vocals jump from the speakers.  If this track is any indication, this is going to be a fun listen.  “Claustrophobic” opens with cool guitars, complete with pings and squeals.  The bass and drums kick in and help create a cool vibe.  The vocals add to the mix and create a fusion feel within the song.  The tempo shifts create a different vibe.  “Nightmare Man” comes charging out of the gate and lends itself to a harder rock feel.  The guitars are fast and furious, as are the components of the rhythm section.  Once the vocals kick in, the tempo slows down during the verse, but picks back up during the chorus.  “Stand Or Fall” is another solid rocker that opens with guitar licks and fierce drumming.  The vocals are consistent with the rest of the disc and keeps the disc chugging along.  The chorus is a bit busy with layered vocals and guitar effects.  “Murderer? (Hang ’em High)” is one of the better tracks on the disc.  It blends several sounds and styles from across the ages and genres.  The vocals have a classic sound to them, while the guitars are pulled straight from the glam era.

“True Blood” opens with a cool groove that features great bass and drumming.  The song clocks along in rock form, thanks to the vocals that have been stamped all over this disc.  The guitars and breakdowns are different from the other tracks.  “Head First” features a heavy rock opening including a slower rhythm section and vocals.  The guitars are even subdued briefly.  This track doesn’t seem to flow compared to the other tracks on the disc.  “Rebirth” has a cool drum line that starts this one off.  Soon the guitars kick in and the song takes off.  This is one of the better rockers on the disc.  There is a slight tribal feel to the groove created by the guitars, bass, and drums.  The solos are short and well suited to the track.  “Riders Of Doom” features more soaring solos and an 80’s feel.  The tempo of the song suggests a heavier rock feel, but the light guitars keep this song moving along.  The drum fills are great and the vocals stretch a bit during the chorus and breakdowns.  “Poison All The People” closes the disc with a frantic pace.  The guitar solos are smooth and plentiful, but can’t seem to slow down the track.  The vocals are a bit more prog in style than other tracks.  This is a good bookend to the disc, as it features familiar sounds fromt eh rest of the disc, while introducing a few new ones.

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