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JARED JAMES NICHOLS – Old Glory & The Wild Revival

| 19 July 2013 | Reply


Label: Swing House Quality Recordings

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd Jolicoeur

All too often you hear about the next big thing and are asked to check out something that doesn’t seem to live up to the hype.  “Blackfoot” kicks off the debut studio EP from Jared James Nichols.  This track comes out swinging.  The guitars are big and bluesy.  The drums and bass keep perfect time on this track and keep it moving, like a train steadily moving down the track.  The vocals are full of emotion and blues and match the vibe created by the instruments here.  “Let You Go” opens with a slow burn that draws you in immediately.  The guitar work is full and adds depth to the track underneath the smoldering vocals.  This track stands out as  my favorite on this EP.  The chorus keeps the tempo in check and demonstrates how simple a great song can be.  “Can You Feel It?” has the bluesy-ballsy swagger of some of the best blues rock out there, while giving it a fresh feel.  The guitar solo really keeps everything moving while the rest of the track is anchored by the rhythm section.  “Sometimes…” brings more common sense rock to the table, as it mixes slightly with the blues groove created.  This is another track that makes you pay attention to the talent of this artist.  The drums really add a little depth to the track, as does the simple bass line underneath all of the guitar work.  The guitars are straightforward and the solos are really good.  “Take My Hand” closes out this collection with a different sound than the other tracks, but the same soulful bluesy groove.  The guitar is the real star on this track, but don’t discount the vocals.  The drums and bass help keep this one grounded while the guitars weave their magic over the bridges and breakdowns.  The worse thing about this collection is the fact that we only get five songs.  I can’t wait to see what else Jared throws our way in the future.

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