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| 5 July 2013 | Reply

These Final Hours

Produced by Liz Kearney, Written & Directed by Zak Hilditch
Starring Nathan Phillips, Angourie Rice, Sarah Snook, Daniel Henshall, Jessica De Gouw and Lynette Curran

These Final Hours 02
We’re dancing like loons, lost in the ‘doof doof’ music as our heads travel on a different plane. Unsurprising really when the table a metre behind us is littered with hundreds of empty or invitingly full bottles of booze and all manner of illicit drugs – parcels of cocaine are spilt uncaringly, bags of weed sit next to tumblers full of pills – all on offer to the already out of their heads revellers.

The early November afternoon sun beats down on us and we know the apocalypse is nigh: This is it. The last party on Earth.

In the distance there is shouting, but nothing can break us from our euphoric high, our mad intoxicated reverie – until a gunshot rings out above the din.

“CUT”, shouts director Zak Hilditch, and we rest for a while and have a swig of water before another run at the same scene – for the drugs are all pretend, the bottles are all filled with water or juice or cold tea, and everyone in the grounds of this luxury Mosman Park mansion is high only on the euphoria of filming These Final Hours – an independent movie starring Nathan Phillips and youngster Angourie Rice.

There’s a lot of waiting around on movie sets – though it was enough of a novelty for just one day that it never got dull. We’d been asked to bring a few different outfits along for the day’s shooting, and at ten am the wardrobe girls picked what they thought would work best and gave us a spruce, adding a touch of jewellery here and makeup there, undoing a button here and maybe taking off a pair of leggings there.
We were only there for 6 hours, after all, not the 5 week shoot that the principal actors are enduring!

These Final Hours 01

Reshooting the same two small scenes several times meant our fellow revellers and us danced in the sun repeatedly – a great chance to show my hitherto untapped “acting” chops!! Well, it’s not like I dance any other time, right?

The story is set on the day of the end of the world, and Phillips’ self involved bastard makes his way to the party to end all parties to tie one on as the apocalypse approaches. Instead, he ends up saving the life of a little girl searching for her father, an act which ultimately leads him on the path to redemption.

No more spoilers here though, folks!!

Producer Liz Kearney thanked 100% ROCK MAG for coming and told us that the movie had to be ready for its World Premiere screenings at the Melbourne Film Festival – the first of which has recently been announced for 2nd August. That’s six solid months of editing, scoring, pickup shots, more editing, marketing and the thousand other thankless jobs that go into finishing an actual movie with a multi million dollar budget.

Following the rest of the production through the official Facebook page raised excitement levels and expectations as car chases, shootouts, explosions and high drama featuring the cast, including Phillips (Wolf Creek), Sarah Snook (Not Suitable for Children), Daniel Henshall (Snowtown), Jessica De Gouw (Arrow) and Lynette Curran (The Boys), all got thrown into the mix as the story rushes towards the End Of Days.

The movie, made with support from the MIFF Premiere Fund and inspired by Hilditch’s ACTAA award-winning short film Transmission, will be on wider release later in 2013.

100% ROCK MAG on the set of THESE FINAL HOURS, November 2012

100% ROCK MAG on the set of THESE FINAL HOURS, November 2012

When you get the chance to see it, keep an eye out for 100% ROCK MAG during the party scene – but don’t blink, you might miss us!

For tickets to the Melbourne International Film Festival screenings of These Final Hours, follow this link –


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