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Interview: Bree, June 2013

| 13 July 2013 | Reply


After reviewing the debut disc from bree (, I couldn’t wait to talk to this rocker.  She is as sassy via phone as she is in her music.  Oh yeah, and don’t ever refer to her as rock-a-billy…

ToddStar: Bree, Todd Jolicoeur, 100% Rock, how are you?

Bree: Hi! Good, how are you?

ToddStar: I’m great. First of all thank you so much for taking time out for us today, we really appreciate it.

Bree: Oh, it’s my pleasure, thank you.

ToddStar: If you don’t mind I’d like to jump into the new release, All American Girl.

Bree: Oh yeah.

ToddStar: It was just released a couple of days ago on the 18th (June 18, 2013) on Werewolf Tunes, and just on the surface for somebody who may have listened to the disc once or twice, what can you tell us about the CD or the download that you may not know on the surface?

Bree: It is full of fun and its very sexual, at the very end of the CD you will just feel like you just got to know me. It’s almost like we hung out.  And it’s full of energy, it’s fast, it’s raw, it’s completely raw and real. In the studio it’s just me, my drummer and my bassist. We’re very… you know I’m a minimalist, we’re very… we’re very into keeping it raw and honest, just like rock and roll should be.

ToddStar: Very cool. You mentioned sexy in the very beginning of it and you will get the people that look at the cover and think ‘Okay, it looks good on the outside, what’s it sound like on the inside’ and I made reference in my review more than once just to the sexiness in your voice, whether it be the cutesy girl next door, or the sexy growl you put in.  Is that something you’ve kind of cultivated, or is that a sound that came naturally to you?

Bree: Oh honey, that’s my personality. That’s just my personality. I can’t help it, I’m feisty. I’m a redhead, come on [laughs].

ToddStar: Tell us about some of the songs, did any of these songs really just write themselves for you?

Bree: Oh my god, all… you know what, I’m not into beating a song, it’s like beating a dead horse. If I’m going to write a song something has to move me. I mean, every single song I’ve written on my album I was moved by something; an emotion, a feeling, a sexual desire. I mean… every single song is real experience, it’s something that happened in my real life and I’m very proud of that, I’m very proud of that.

ToddStar: Well you mentioned real life, and there’s one song that really stands out and it’s actually one of my favourites on the track, and it’s I Hope You’re Smiling.

Bree: Aaw, I’m glad you like that one. That was about my momma.

ToddStar: Yeah. I like the fact that it’s about your mother and that’s obviously a very personal thing to you, but the way that upbeat attitude of the song, is just the lyrics and everything else, it’s just one of those cool songs that you can tell it’s very personal but you let it all hang out in a good way, it wasn’t one of those boo hoo, poor me songs.

Bree: Thank you so much. Yeah, I’m not into that. I’ve had such a sad, messed up life that I really think that the only reason I have survived is because of the love that my mother instilled in me at such a young age and so, you know, I really felt like I needed to honour her in a very moving way, and those feelings – very emotional, and that song is true. There is not a day that goes by that I have not always thought about her. Every single day. And I wanted to put that out there. I mean my whole album is dedicated to her. If you look it says ‘In loving memory of Dana Wright’ who’s my mother. She is the most important person to me still, and I haven’t seen her since I was six. She died from swallowing a sewing needle because I was raised in a religious cult and my father only believed in faith healing. So, I mean it was terrible. Over a period of time, a long period of time, me and my three older siblings we had to watch our mother die and it was just awful, you know, that wasn’t only the beginning of my pain but I really believed that her love instilled this perpetual cheerfulness in me. She put it in me that anything I wanted I could get, and if you had a good attitude it would happen.

ToddStar: It’s nice to see and hear that kind of story ’cause there’s so much in the real world where people want to blame everything on their parents, so it’s nice to see somebody kind of take that and turn it upside down.

Bree: You’ve gotta turn it around, that’s how it goes. You can’t live your life letting this fester up like a cancer. No way.

ToddStar: Exactly, and just based on what I have read and… I’d rather focus on the music, I know you have a whole personal history, but I’d rather give the people that they’re not going to get just by Googling you.

Bree: That’s your choice. This is a part of me because I would not be the writer I am today if I hadn’t gone through all that crazy stuff, and it doesn’t hurt me to talk about it, so you ask me whatever you want, sweetheart, this is your interview.

ToddStar: Well then, that same focus and that same drive that helped you write I Hope You’re Smiling, I’m betting the same sassiness that you probably inherited from your mother inspired the next song which to me is probably the best one to punch on the disc, is Dance All Night with My Finger in the Air.

Bree: Woohoo! Yeah, that’s my little rebellious song. I remember when I wrote it. When I wrote that song I was getting sick of everything because I was just in my condo and I’m like ‘Oh my god, I’m so restless’. I’m like I feel like a cat in a cage. Then I started giggling, I’m like, ‘I love that line, I’m gonna write it down’, then I’m like you know what, I’m gonna write about this because I know I’m not the only person in the world who’s like ‘I need to rave right now!’ you know?  So I just, you know, broke out my guitar and I was feeling so… I don’t know, I feel like I’m always going to have something to say because I’m just like that. I’m emotional, I’m aggro, hand me a guitar and I’ll make a song out of it. So that song was so fun to write, I had a blast writing it. That’s what I want to do, I wanted to… seriously, I was like I need to find my way and what I want to do. I want to dance all night with my finger in the air, my middle finger [laughs].

ToddStar: You talk about sexy, but I think there’s a lot of sassy on this disc.

Bree: Oh yeah.

ToddStar: You kind of remind me of what… if you dial back a few years of what an AM radio rockabilly riot girl would sound like.

Bree: Rockabilly? Okay, I’m going to forgive you for saying I’m rockabilly, because I like you.

ToddStar: I think it’s just the vibe of the three-piece along with the bass. It gives that kind of rockabilly feel.

Bree: I think you’re getting distracted by the bass. If you came to one of my live shows there is no way that afterwards you would tell me I was rockabilly. You’d say ‘Girl, you are rock and roll’. Mark my words.

ToddStar: Hey, well bring it to Detroit and we’ll find out.

Bree: Okay, that’s fine, after the short I really hope that you come up to me and say, ‘Bree, I was so wrong, you are not rockabilly, you are rock and roll’ and I will hug you [laughs].

ToddStar: Trust me, you’ve gotten closer to one of my idols than I’ve ever wanted to be, you’ve worked with the… Seven Degrees of Bob Ezrin, you had a great connection with the production and producer on your disc, how did that all work out for you?

Bree: Justin Cortelyou is amazing. He’s not only one of the most fun people I’ve ever been around, because I’m very… I’ve been told I’m very emotional and I’m very picky about who’s on my team. I’m not like those girls who are like oh, you’re pretty, I want to work with you. I’m not that skin deep. I want to know who you are, I want to feel your energy, I want to feel your personality; that’s how I am. If you’re going to be on my team we’re gonna be best friends. So, I remember when I first met him, Bob Ezrin comes walking into my rehearsal room, which was a trip, if you could imagine… I mean a legendary rock producer just walks into my rehearsal, and then comes in this… it was so funny, he’s like my height, probably like 5’7/8 and he’s bald and he’s got these huge blue eyes, and he’s just funny. I mean, you can just tell he’s got the best personality. He walks in and he the whole time during my rehearsal is just like fucking having the time of his life, like bouncing around. Bob Ezrin, he just looks like he’s jumping out of his skin. Bob Ezrin was like pacing the room vigorously [laughs], writing notes. I’m like, is he trying to break me because that’s not gonna work.  At the very end he was very sweet and he was like ‘I don’t have time to produce you, I have so much on my plate’ and he was so gracious to give me Justin, and Justin and I completely connected, passed the dinosaur quiz, so naturally you know, ’cause if you ask someone what their favourite dinosaur is and they say Tyrannosaurus Rex, you know they’re not that creative, but he gave me an answer, I don’t even know what the dinosaur was but it sounded amazing, so I was like ‘You’re in’.  He was incredible. I told him, he said well what do you want in the studio, and I said I wanted to be as close to my lifestyle as possible. I want it to be raw, I want to record live, I want to record all three of us at the same time ’cause I need to feel the energy of my guys, I need to feel their energy, and I want to have fun. You know, I want this to be very minimal and real because that’s missing from todays’ rock and roll.

ToddStar: I’d agree.

Bree: And I’m tired of it. Everything nowadays is formulated, it’s safe. I can’t stand it. I’m over it. So I’m like you know what, since no one is doing anything about it, I will. And he loved that. Loved it. He’s like hell yeah, let’s do this. And it was the perfect fit.

ToddStar: If you had to describe the sound of Bree, the musician, to somebody who had never heard you, how would you do it?

Bree: I’d been often told that I’m the bastard child of Ann Margaret and Pete Townsend.

ToddStar: I like that.  A lead guitar player and a sexy redhead, I love it.

Bree: That was like the best one I ever had, I’m pretty sure that one nails it on the head [laughs].

ToddStar: Well as far as getting this out there, I mean you talk about your live show and I mentioned getting your band up to Detroit, any big travel plans in the future as far as getting this out there to the masses?

Bree: Oh you know it. I want to be on the road so bad, that’s what we’re working on right now. We’ve got over forty radio stations playing my CD right now, like college radio stations, so I’m super excited. So basically we’re going to base our tour off of that. Like, wherever people love us most. That’s basically what we’re doing.  That’s all I want to do. I just want to play every night, that’s all I want. Yeah, I just want to spread my rock and roll all over, you know.

ToddStar: Are there any bands out there currently putting out stuff that you dig?

Bree: You know what for me, I went to Bonnaroo last weekend. From what I remember it was fabulous. I saw Paul McCartney and he really moved me. Seventy-one years old, he did a three hour set. I am twenty-three and that would be hard for me. Like, I was like wow! When I’m seventy-one I better be rocking like Paul McCartney otherwise I’m going to be very disappointed in myself. But, even surprisingly Macklemore. I think he’s amazing. If you listen to his lyrics, you know I’m not a big rap fan, but if you listen to his lyrics he has some very good soul and I respect what he’s doing. You know, people like Fun, I respect his song writing, people like that. It’s a respect of the art. I just wish people were a little more minimalistic and like they used to be. You know what I mean? That’s one thing from the past that I think is really a beautiful thing. I’m not one usually to want to revel in the past, but there is an honesty that is really missing from todays’ music, and I guess I wish more people would do that, but I do respect so many peoples’ song writing right no. It’s amazing, like Bruno Mars, king of melody.  I love Pink, I think her and I are gonna be like best friends someday.  I love her. Greenday, the power chord king; Foo Fighters, love them.  That’s more of a crush though.

ToddStar: Well now that you’ve named all those, if there was one piece of music in the history of time that you wished you could say that you had written or played on, what would it be?

Bree: Oh man, oh my god, where do I start? Now you’ve got me thinking about like The Who. You know what’s funny, one of my favourite songs is Dark Eyed Woman by Spirit. Have you ever heard that one?

ToddStar: Not familiar.

Bree: You need to listen to that song.

ToddStar: I will be when this interview is over.

Bree: Yeah, please do. That song is amazing. I mean you can just tell that these guys were like tripping on psychedelics when they wrote this song, and they jammed in the middle of it, but it was like an organised jam. It was weird, like it was perfect on time, like you have to listen to it. It’s art. It’s totally art. See, that’s like… that’s why that question is so hard to answer because everything from the 50s and 70s, between that twenty year era, oh my god, I just wish I wrote it all. That was an amazing time for music. That’s just a hard question. You know?

ToddStar: Yeah I do, yeah I do. You’re not the first one to stumble and say ‘Wow, I don’t…’ I get some people who nail it out of the gate with an answer, and I get people like you who want to cover a whole range or a whole era.

Bree: Yeah, I just love it all. I’m wracking my brain right now. It’s going…hmmm.  I don’t know, Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who, I wish I wrote that song, I do.

ToddStar: Okay, that’s a good one. I love that song.

Bree: I love that song too.

ToddStar: I know you’re busy, so I’ve got one more for you; Bree, in 2013, new album out, getting ready to take on the world; what’s the meaning of life?

Bree: The meaning of life is doing what you’re passionate about and sharing it with everyone. That’s my meaning of life.

ToddStar: Well you know what I get so many people who ramble on and on, and for someone they preaches they love the minimalist feel, they gave me a minimalist, direct answer. So you are definitely true to your word and every meaning and every sound.

Bree: Oh, I can’t help but be. You know…

ToddStar: You’re wise beyond your years.

Bree: Thank you sweetheart, you’re so sweet.

ToddStar: Make sure you bring that show up to Michigan, up in the Detroit area and prove me wrong so I can come up and tell you you’re all rock.

Bree: Basically whenever I say that I’m just going to expect you… I don’t know what you look like so you’re just going to have to tell me, you’re just going to have to come up to me and be like hey, I interviewed you and I said you were rockabilly, and I’m like oh I forgive you.  Then we’ll hug and everything will be good.

ToddStar: That sounds like a definite deal and a good night out.

Bree: Right? Perfect. Once you’ve seen me life there is no way that you could ever think I was rockabilly.

ToddStar: Cool. Well thank you so much for the time today Bree, we really appreciate it. I hope Carrie gets you a link to the review we did, got you 9/10 stars.

Bree: Oh yay! I love that, you’re amazing, thank you.

ToddStar: And as soon as we get this interview up we’ll make sure you have all the appropriate links.

Bree: Woohoo! I’m excited.

ToddStar: Thank you so much.

Bree: Thank you so much, have a great day hun.

ToddStar: You too.

Bree: Bye, thank you.

You can check out bree on the web here:

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