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VINYL SPECTRUM – Cosmic Desire

| 26 June 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: April 6, 2013

Rating: 7.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some discs really shake my tree and others get a single listen through.  This independent release got more than a listen through, as it is decent.  “Baby Please” opens the disc and has a throwback sound – almost late 60’s or early 70’s.  The song is pretty good and a nice intro to the disc.  “Soul Of Gold” is next and has a different feel to it than its predecessor.  The song seems to be looking for an identity.  The organ sounds cool and mixes well with the percussion, but the song seems disjointed.  “Lay Me Down” has a cool jazz feel when it kicks off with the bass, percussion, and guitar work.  The vocals come in and are well suited for the song.  “Cosmic Desire” features a guitar groove that keeps the song moving along.  The vocals seem a bit subdued, but I think the band was going for something a little off the beaten path and they succeeded.

“Arrow Through The Sky” kicks off with a jazz fusion drum run and an organ fill that  really perks the ears up.  The song takes a left run away from the jazz feel during a bridge, but soon returns.  he addition of a spoken word/rap section detracts slightly for me.  “Memory And A Dream” starts off in another direction.  The vocals are a bit Americana, but the music misses the mark as far as matching up with the singing.  The track features a saxophone, but I am not really sure what it adds to the song.  “Searching For You” opens with an acoustic guitar and soon the vocals kick in.  The direction of each track seems to indicate the band is still looking for a definitive direction and genre to fit into.  “Ten To Eleven” is one of the better tracks on the disc and also closes the set out.  I really like the fusion vibe created by the percussion, guitars, and vocals.  Hopefully this is the direction the band decides to take, as this is a sound they seem to do well.

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