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THE CUSTODIAN – Necessary Wasted Time

| 13 June 2013 | Reply


Label: The Lasers Edge

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some discs are easier to review than others.  Once in a while a disc comes across my desk that gets listened to over and over before I actually decide to write a review.  The press release for this disc states: ‘The band takes influence not only from prog rock, but anything and everything else that fits. Expect lots of beautiful acoustic passages, warm synth, tasteful leads, complex drumming and great production.’  This is on the money in describing this disc.  “The Man Out Of Time” opens the disc and is a prog rock gem that features a great combination of the above mentioned qualities while tossing in some spoken word and ethereal background sounds that can’t really be described as vocals.  “Stop Talking” steers close to the same course as the previous track while adding a vocal track that mixes well withe the instrumentation.  The song seems lofty even with the vocals attached. “Other People’s Lives” is more of the same prog goodness with a mild amount of vocals thrown in for good measure.  The guitar work mixes well with the synths and creates a great vibe.  “Persona” has a more mainstream vibe than some of the other tracks, but you won’t hear the track on your local pop station.  it just seems to flow nicely giving it a more fluid sound.

“Things We Tell Ourselves” has a lot of beautiful piano and acoustic guitar that mixes nicely through the songs 8-1/2 minutes.  The guitars step up a bit and add some fun solos that are more like like minuets than solos.  The riffs are simple, but add a bit of rock to the sound.  “Departure” is a moodier piece that takes on a darker vibe than the previous songs.  The songs lack of vocals keep it a bit more earthy and grounded, along with the use of repetitive guitars and sound effects from the synths.  Even the solos seem to be loops of themselves.  Use of the drums lightly in the background make this a bit of a standout.  A bit of spoken word adds to the mystique on this track.  “The Sun Is God” brings us back to familiar ground and keeps the mood light.  The vocals are a bit grittier on this track and add a little depth to the already deep sounds.  The guitar work stands out on this track and gives off a fun and positive vibe that keeps the song moving nicely.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Necessary Wasted Time” is more like a continuation of the previous track with the exception of the vocals.  They aren’t quite as gritty on this track, but they layering makes this song stand apart from the previous track.  This disc is a great one to throw on in the background when you are working or just looking for a mellow groove to function by.

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