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Open Air Stereo, Primates, Cover Art

Label: Goomba Music

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a publicist throws something at me that seems so far out of my wheelhouse on first glance.  Then you remember who the PR firm is and you listen.  Maurader” is an interesting instrumental piece that opens the disc and merges into the next track.  “The Right” is a cool track that features an interesting groove.  The rock is light and has a cool pop feel to it, without being straight out pop.  The drums and guitar stand out, as do the vocals.  The structure of the song shifts and gives this a great groove.  “Love Is Blind” has more of the pop sensibility, but at the same time has a cool indie rock feel.  The song mixes the use of the rhythm section, guitars, and vocals nicely.  The chorus is different from the last track, but adds to the song.  “Where Do We Go” is more indie goodness that seems to pop from the first note.  The vocals are great and keep the song flowing.  The drums really standout on this track, but don’t dismiss the rest of the band.  This one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Give Me Everything”  has a different edge to it as well as other tracks here, but there is a familiar groove to it that keeps this within the framework of the disc.  The chorus is huge and should go over well live.  This is another favorite on the disc.  “Hung Over You” is the heaviest tack on the disc, but it balances the different textures well.  The song has a very Daughtry-esque feel to it.  The vocals are strong and move well with the guitars as the song moves from verse to chorus.

“What You Want” has a mellower feel to it when the guitars and drums open the track.  It isn’t a pop sound in as much as it has an acoustic feel.  The vocals are layered and add depth to the track and disc.  The song has a groove that allows you to just relax and enjoy.  “Damned” opens with a great intro that morphs into a great song.  This one features vocals that capture a ton of emotion, guitars that are full of energy, and a rhythm section that keeps the song in check.  The drums and bass seem to jump out more than has been typical.  “Stuck On You” is poppier than the other tracks, but it works here.  The guitars are simple and the vocals seem to float over top of the music.  The song features a female interlude in the middle that adds a little flair.  This is another great track.  “Living Proof” gives the guitar a bit of room to stretch.  The drums are simple, but accentuate the groove of the track nicely.  The vocals are fun and the layering during the chorus makes this song pop a bit.  The guitar chugs nicely creating a cool feel through the track.  “Your Way Is My Way” closes the disc with a track that seems to grab key points from other tracks, while adding some new sounds and tempo changes.  The song is a bit edgy, but it works here as a nice bookend for the disc.

Category: CD Reviews

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