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| 23 June 2013 | Reply

Released May 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Nevsky Prospekt - Poseidon's Ire EP


Originally published in X-Press Magazine’s 12 July 2013 issue HERE

A three-piece who have been making some noise on the local scene for the past two years, Nevsky Prospekt have finally released this doozy of a debut EP which manages to successfully combine a myriad of classic rock and alternative influences into a compelling and unique sound.

Led by guitarist, vocalist and Scottish ex-pat Stuart McKay, the band deliver five tracks of bombastic and engaging hard rock that veer all over the rock map while still sounding, steadfastly, like Nevsky Prospekt.

Opener, Majesty, is suitably regal, sounding much like Led Zeppelin covering Soundgarden in Muse’s living room while Dolls & Pins has more of a straight Alice In Chains approach.

Ordinary Decent Cannibal and Forest are even more unique – elements of Muse, Rush, grunge, Zeppelin and more swirl just out of reach, not clear enough to put the definitive stamp of influence on these songs, whilst McKay’s genuinely thoughtful lyrics fascinate and entice repeated listens.

Closer From The Heavens sees the Prospekt back in Muse territory, McKay’s guitar ringing out a peculiarly Eastern melody line while Haydn Bishop and Pat Burke’s rhythm section create a groove-laden hypnotic bedrock.

Poseidon’s Ire is another great example of the talent to be found in this town – get out and catch Nevsky Prospekt playing these tracks live sometime very soon.

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