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Interview – Jaz Coleman, Killing Joke – June 2013

| 7 June 2013 | Reply

Lead a Horse to Water.

By Domino.

killing joke

Considering the ferocity with which he misspent in his youth, Jaz Coleman considers himself very lucky to be where he is now.

Erudite and agreeable, on the eve of an Australian tour the Killing Joke vocalist is in high spirits. And with good reason, the punk rocker is celebrating 35 years of playing music with his band.

“I’m in good spirits, you’re right,” said Coleman.

“I happened to be in one of the most influential bands in the world, with my best friends. That in itself is pretty damn amazing,” he said.

“It’s an achievement.’

Although, he admits it could have easily gone the other way.

“It’s a wonder we didn’t end up in prison, really.”

Nothing improves the credibility of a musician like a stint in prison.

“When I think back to when I was 14, oh man, I was doing some horrible things. I was living in squats, doing all sorts of illegal things, bad things.

“And now I lecture at university.”

“It’s a miracle to me.”

But, being the lead singer of one of the world’s most influential bands is the tip of the iceberg. Since his no-good teenage years, Coleman has tried his hand at writing orchestral music, acting, international banking, writing, and even religion.

“Well it all comes from the old school punk attitude doesn’t it?” he asked.

“You dive in the deep end and you start fucking swimming, you know?”

“Get in there and have a go.“

Coleman, who is refreshingly down to earth and pleasant, for a man who has achieved so much, says there are still ‘loads’ of things he wants to do.

“I’ll have a go at anything really,” he says.

Killing Joke are touring their singles in 2013, playing songs from 1979-2102 and Coleman says he is excited to visit Australia again.

“You’re damn right I am,”

“Where are we playing again?”

The band hits the Rosemount on Sunday night and Coleman says that despite Australia being a rich country, tickets to the shows will be cheap.

“I heard Nick Cave charged $120 a ticket,” he laughed.


“We make sure ours a cheap, we charge like $15.

“Our fans don’t have any money.”

Killing Joke, play the Rosemount on Sunday June 9.

If you have a spare $15 or so, come down and check out the world’s most chilled out success.

And if you thought his opinion of Nick Cave was rough, you don’t want to know what he thinks about Peter Garret!


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