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ASG – Blood Drive


Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: May 28, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It seems the new genre that is taking off is “shoegazer rock”  I am not too sure about the name, but the sound seems to be sticking with me.  It seems to be a mix of 90’s rock/metal mixed with classic 70’s metal.  “Avalanche” opens the fourth disc from ASG.  This is really good stuff.  The guitars are mild, yet powerful and the rhythm section isn’t left in the dust either.  Additionally, it is quite nice that the vocals are clean and crisp.  This song is definitely self prophetic in that the sound comes rushing at you.  “Blood Drive” comes along and keeps the heavy riff alive while putting a different tempo behind it.  The drums are full and accentuate the song while the vocals keep the song flowing.  The guitars stand out and please on this track.  “Day’s Work” has a fuzzy feel in the guitars, but it doesn’t detract from the song at all.  If anything, it adds a little depth to the sound.  The effects and cool guitar parts mix well with the vocals and the rest of the rhythm section.  “Scrappy’s Trip” is another self-describing track.  This trippy track features a heavy bass line that solidly leads the song.  The bottom line is helped along by the drumming and vocals.  The guitar’s are off on their own, but somehow this all works together on this song.  “Castlestorm” has a heavier vibe that remains constant throughout the track, despite the soaring guitar solo and vocals that seem to shift from clean to screaming.  This has a bit of a metal core feel that detracts slightly from track.  “Blues for Bama” is a track that keeps with the vibe of the disc without being a blown out rocker.  This track is heavier on teh mood and playing.  The song has a toned vocal and guitar that, while being good, doesn’t rely on loud or furious.

“Earthwalk” has the vocals pulled right out of a 90’s rocker.  The guitars and bass are classic metal ala Sabbath-ish, but the drums are middle of the road rock that seems to be the link that connects the two eras of rock.  This is a mellow rocker that has an ethereal feel.  “Children’s Music” starts off with some fun guitar work that eventually morphs into a relaxed rocker that sticks to a classic heavy sound while letting the vocals carry the 90’s era torch.  This is a cool merger of the two sounds.  “Hawkeye” kicks the tempo up a few notches and takes no prisoners.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc and features cool guitar parts during the bridges, breakdowns, and choruses.  The vocals recapture a cool vibe lost from a lot of rock these days.  The only bad thing about this track is the fact it is the shortest on the disc.  “Stargazin” keeps the mood from the previous track intact and keeps the disc moving nicely.  The guitars are fuzzy, the bass lines heavy, and the drums pounding.  The vocals added to the mix make this and the previous track the best one-two punch on the disc.  “The Ladder” slows things down a bit, but somehow the guitars have the same sound as the previous tracks.  The vocals aren’t as anxious or exuberant, but great regardless.  The bass gets its time in teh spotlight as well.  The drums keep things in check and the song gels nicely from start to finish.  “Good Enough to Eat” closes the disc in style.  The acoustic guitar intro really sets this apart from other tracks.  The vocals are lower in octave but it fits the groove of the track.  The lack of a powerful bottom line doesn’t hurt the song either.

Category: CD Reviews

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