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Label: Ripple Music

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There are band names that give you a glimpse of what you might expect to hear once you crank up their music.  That isn’t the case so much with Trucker Diablo.  “Red Light On” opens with some great riffs and gritty rock vocals.  The track features a catchy chorus that keeps the song moving along with a killer guitar solo.  The rhythm section works their ass off on this track; the bass is heavy and the drums pounding.  “Year Of The Truck” keeps the  rock groove alive with a chugging riff that explodes with the chorus.  The vocals are well matched to the track and the rhythm section again keeps everything on track.  This one features another good solo.  “The Rebel” features more of the great guitar work that was prominent during the previous tracks.  The vocals are slightly different here, and it makes a big difference.  The chugging guitar parts seems to pop against the drums and bass.  “Drive” is next and opens with a great riff and killer drums.  The song is all rhythm, including the vocals.  The vibe on this track is good time rock and it doesn’t let up at any point during the track.  The vocals seems to come alive during the chorus.  “Not So Superstar” takes a left turn, but stays on the road to rock.  The song is different from the previous tracks, but fits the groove of the disc.  The vocals are a bit more gritty, but it fits the track.  The bass line is awesome underneath the track.  “The Streets Run Red” takes all of the components from the previous tracks and whips them together.  The guitars are chugging, the rhythm section is solid, and the vocals are clean.  This one keeps the disc anchored.  “Lie To Me” has a cool lick that opens the track and merges with the bass and drums to create a cool groove.  This is a great track buried deep on the disc.  The song has a cool vocal that fits the lyrics and the rest of the track.

“Maybe You’re The One” brings the pace down, but not the quality.  This track is one of the better tracks on the disc.  The guitar riffs and solos are great, the vocals are emotional, and the rhythm section solid without creating extra noise.  “Bulldozer” is exactly what is claims to be.  This track comes along and runs right over you, if you aren’t paying attention.  The racing pace and guitars are key to this track.  The bass and guitars work in unison to create a sound that is very cool.  “Rock Hallelujah” is a great rock track that isn’t too hard or too soft.  It has that rock feel from the beginning that almost feels pop-ish, but never quite crosses over.  The guitars are big, the chorus bigger, and the vocals/lyrics are fun.  This is fun rock and roll; another great track.  “Highway Radio” takes it back down a notch, but doesn’t reduce the rock quotient.  The song seems to hit a southern rock vein and comes up a winner.  This is a track that keeps the foot tapping and the rock vibe alive.  “When’s It Gonna Rain” is a littel heavier track that seems to hit you out of nowhere when the chorus kicks in.  The song features more chugging guitars and gritty vocals.  “Shame On You” has a cool tempo and groove that hasn’t really shown up on the disc yet.  The bass is working overtime while the vocals seems to steer the track.  The drums are full on this track, without being overbearing on the sound.  The guitar works itself out of the shadows during the chorus and bridges.  “I Wanna Party With You” is a killer rock track that comes straight at you.  Like earlier tracks, it has an almost pop feel, but it stays true to its rock groove.  The vocals combined with the solid playing  make this track click.  The rhythm section is perfect and the guitars are exactly what you would expect at this point.  After listening to this disc a couple times, I think to be representative, the bands name should be Rock N Roll Mother Fucker.

Category: CD Reviews

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